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 41st Chrysanthemum and other Autumn Flower Show

41st Chrysanthemum

The 41st chrysanthemum and other autumn flower show was organized by the National Horticultural Society of Pakistan and held at the Rose and Jasmine Garden, Islamabad, from December 1–4, 2022. This colorful event happens every year around this time of December since the 1980s because of the importance of horticulture.

On December 1st, 2022, the chairman of the Capital Development Authority initiated the flower show. The Chairmen of CDA took in the extraordinary displays of every kind of flower along with Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed, the Chairmen of NHSP, Major (R) Ikram ul Haq, Senior Vice Chairman, and Dr. Riaz Ali Shah Bukhari, Technical Secretary, who talked to the Chairman of CDA about various varieties and classifications of chrysanthemums and other autumn flowers.

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According to the organizer, several types of chrysanthemums were displayed, which include reflex, sprays, Korean hybrids, single-floor, and spidery flowers. A visitor present at the show stated that many young women and girls are seen to be more involved in the show and actively participating. The organizer said that events like this are really important for remembering the significant role of floriculture, home gardening, landscaping, and tree planning.

Another visitor said that throughout the four-day event, in addition to the lovely displays of seasonal flowers, herbs, and decorative plants, there were also several business booths featuring greenhouses, seeds, gardening equipment, lawn furniture, and accessories.

A teacher and her family members spoke in the garden about the educational and learning aspects of this flower exhibit. According to a mother, the tourists were taking pictures and letting their kids run amok on the grounds since they were so taken with the vibrant flowers and surroundings.

According to a CDA employee, this exhibition is regarded as a vibrant event on the federal capital’s social calendar, and visitors from the twin cities and surrounding areas come from all walks of life.

An employee of the Rose & Jasmine garden said that the horticulture society was actively promoting healthy, entertaining, recreational, and amusing activities among the general public, hosting a successful flower display, and advancing the culture of flowers in Islamabad.


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