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An in-depth analysis of youth escalating divorce in Pakistan and its solution

Divorce in Pakistan

Marriage is one of the institutions that constitutes society. A healthy society is led by the healthy environment of balanced and productive relationships. In these relationships, marriage has the prime importance. Pakistan society has witnessed escalating rates of divorce cases. Today’s youth is affected by escalating divorce rates.

In 2021 Pakistan reached the peak of divorce cases. The crumbling institution is foreshadowing the coming problems for society and culture. There are various reasons associated with the problem. Mainly those are intolerance, illiteracy and forced marriages.

Pakistan is a country where marriage and relationship is related to a family’s honor. Many people are forced into marriages they don’t want to be in. This results in problems among the couple that further leads to divorce and separation.

2 out 5 people believed that in-laws played a major role in divorce. Joint family system is the bi product of Hindu Muslim community before the partition. Living together with family does help the newly wed but the lack of privacy and intrusion in personal matters by the close and extended family leads to many misunderstandings and problems between the couples. This causes an irreversible damage to the marriage leaving the couple with no choice than to change paths.

Another major cause has been the economic situation, especially if one person earns more than the other. Also, if both the parties earn almost equally but one party is negligent towards taking out the economic responsibilities or sharing the burden with others leads to divorce between the couple.

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Domestic abuse is one of the most obvious reasons for separation.  This abuse may not be limited just to physical violence but also emotional, mental and financial abuse. During the recent lockdown due to corona, a surge in domestic abuse has been seen. Financial issues and low social gatherings led to build up among people. This resulted in increased cases of domestic violence. The frustration in Pakistan youth led to escalating divorces.

There are statistics that show that a couple without a child or a couple with only daughters have more chances of taking divorce than a couple with more sons. This highlights the dark side of Pakistan’s society where a woman who bore boys is considered more ideal and respectable than the one with daughters.

It is also suggested that high education among women has led to escalating divorces among Pakistan youth. Blaming the education system is not justifiable. Women when educated know their rights and cannot be pushed down.

Also, an educated woman can take care of herself and her needs by earning herself and does not rely on anybody else. With this independence she can make decisions for herself. This type of women in an abusive and unhappy marriage usually asked the decision to take separation hence escalating divorce among Pakistan youth.

This is also one of the reasons why divorce rates escalated during Corona’s lockdown. Since people were unable to go out, they had to rely on others. This led to a spike in e-commerce businesses. Most of these businesses were started by women thus leading to financial independence of women. This caused women to believe in themselves and release themselves of the shackles of unhappy, abusive marriages.

Some divorces are caused by extramarital affairs of either party or by second marriages of husbands. This, however, is not a very common cause of divorce among people.

The escalating divorces of Pakistan youth are alarming and affect the overall structure of society. This also affects the family system and leads to many mental health issues. Thus, another crisis in the society.

Marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. This is the basic unit of the society that leads to its propagation. Even Islam values the importance of marriage and dislikes a divorce.

The alarming escalating divorces in Pakistan youth are a matter of concern among people. Majority of these cases are because of external influence. It is necessary to follow the basic Islamic principles to safeguard this institution.

Marriage is supposed to be between two people and it is necessary to take their consent. Though it is difficult to understand a person’s nature before marriage, the needs and desires of both people should be taken into account in case of an arranged marriage. Other than that major financial decisions should be discussed beforehand between the parties.

This helps in understanding the needs and requirements of both thus helping in proper decision making. This will eventually lead to fewer problems after marriage and then less divorces later on. The interference of in-laws after marriage should be minimal. Privacy is a basic right of every couple and stripping them of it is a hurdle to developing a good bond between spouses. Elders and family members should provide guidance not judgements.

Aside from all of it, men and women should create tolerance for one another and learn to accept and admire the differences between the two. These are the ways of escalating divorce among Pakistan youth can be curbed down. 

Only acceptance and tolerance can truly create a proper society that promotes values and culture.

divorce in Pakistan

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