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Another typical love story, ARY drama kaisi Teri Khudgarzi is currently the subject of Public debate

ARY drama kaisi Teri Khudgarzi

ARY drama Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi is written by Radain Shah. Ahmed Bhatti is the director of Kaisi teri khudgharzi. This drama released on 11th May 2022. Abdullah Seja is producer of Kaisi teri khudgharzi. The drama Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi released on May 11, 2022 on ARY Digital.


  • Danish Taimor as Shamsher
  • Noman Ijaz as Nawazada Dilawer (Shamsher’s father)
  • Atiqo Odho as Shamsher’s mother
  • Tipu Sharif as Tara (Shamsher’s brother)
  • Dur-e-Fishan Saleem as Mehak
  • Laiba Wasti as Nahid (Mehak’s mother)
  • Laiba Khan as Nida (Mehak’s sister) , Hmmad Shoaib, Emmad Butt, Akhtar Husnain, Shahood Alvi , Shehzan Rahat and others are in Drama serial kaisi teri khudgharzi.


Danish is a really good actor and really dedicated towards his work. In this drama Danish is playing a role of a villainous character with that zealous charm, yet flatteringly evil outlook.

Danish Taimoor plays very exciting character after performing in super hit dramas “Deewangi” and “Ishq Hai”.

Also, praise to Danish’s stylist in the series, whoever has done it, did an outstanding job. The pace of the show is so engaging that it feels like watching every new episode again. Would love to see how the series end, or what becomes of the story.

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The on airing ARY drama Kesi teri Khudgarzi depict typical love story in which Shamsher is a spoiled son of a wealthy businessman. He falls in love with a middle-class girl Mehak. He decided to marry with her love and want to gain her love. There are some misunderstandings occur between both that are absurd. Shamsher is a bit of a psychopath but also has a soft spot for Mahek. He loves her but doesn’t know how to express it by looking at his upbringing it’s clear no one taught him how to.

Drama Plot:

There are many characters in this ARY Drama Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi but the writer balances each character’s screen time. He did justice to all characters. The good thing about this ARY DramaKesi teri Khudgarzi is that the writer did not drag it too much. This drama is a mixture of drama, romance, and comedy in all aspects. Excellent performances of the entire cast, especially, the backbone of the series- actor Danish Taimur, who plays Shamsher, and the actor portraying the lead actress’s father. These two characters have taken the series to another level. 

Negative Side of Kaisi Teri Khudgrzi:

The other side of the story is that a guy chasing a girl all the time. The girl is running away from him all the time. It is like a run-and-chase game with dramatic effects. As told at the start, the story is circulating around Shamsher and Mehak’s main role in this serial. Shamsher loves Mehak at the first sight. But his parents didn’t accept her. Mehak belongs to a middle-class and respected family. She is an innocent girl. Her father is a professor and he is a very humble and respectful person. Shamsher makes Mehak’s life miserable.

He didn’t want to hurt her but unconditionally he makes her life very difficult. Later He arrested Mehak’s father.  He even kidnaps Mehak’s fiance Ahsan on the marriage day.

After his struggles, Mehak gets agrees to marry him. But there is another twist that comes in this scene. Shamsher’s father tries to kill Mehak to stop his son but luckily she survived and leaves the city. It’s all about abuse, blackmail, abducting a girl, and torturing her and her family. The girl’s family is emotionally, psychologically, and physically tortured by a crazy ‘lover’.

Many people said that these kinds of stories spread negativity. Our youth are idealizing these characters. But this kind of stories not exists in reality. Our youth got the wrong direction through these types of stories.

Social media users speak against the ARY drama Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi. They said this drama is based on only negativity.  They also point out the negative behavior of Shaveer’s father toward Mehak’s father. These types of stories are the reason behind cases like the Khadija case. What else to expect from a country where dramas like “Kaisi Teri khudgarzi” and “Deewangi” are made, romanticized, and go on trending?

The ARY drama “Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi” gets millions of views in a few hours. This story trends on top of YouTube and gets the highest TRPs. We need societal change for such dramas to end. They are not stopping because producers and channels are money-hungry. They don’t feel any responsibility to society. However, surprising is that in our society people just love only such dramas with problematic storylines. These types of stories generate revenues higher than any other. A user pointed out the same and said that a societal change needs to come otherwise productions and channels only care for money.


The ARY Drama Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi is good overall. All characters perform their role well. But it’s not enough, the story of drama matter more than acting. Because people follow actors and actresses in daily life. They implement the story in their own life unconditionally. Drama Kaise Teri khudgarzi is only a negative story. They provoke only negativity.

People always forget the end of negative characters. They only memories the negativity from negative charters. The case of Khadija is also in front of us. How her friend’s father tortured her and her family. They took advantage of their richness as shown in our dramas nowadays like Kaisi Teri khudgarzi. We must stop writing these types of conflict stories. Promote positivity through our scripts and drama so society tries to adopt positivity 


The last and main point is that don’t no need to show rich people in power in dramas. Rules are the same for the rich and the poor. Change these types of concepts from society and youth’s mind.

If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.

Martin Luther

ARY drama kaisi Teri Khudgarzi

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