Friday, March 31, 2023

Anti-COVID vaccine “PakVac” is now available

The anti-COVID vaccination “PakVac” which was created locally in Pakistan is now available for usage.

Corona Virus hit the world in 2019 and affected the whole world. Most of the countries are battling hard to overcome the pandemic. Pakistan is one of the countries battling effectively with the situation. Pakistan has entered a list of those few countries that have created successful vaccine to control the symptoms of COVID-19. Yes, you read it right. Pakistan has accomplished a milestone by developing a homemade vaccine “PakVac”. The vaccine has been prepared by the National Institute of Health (NIH) with the help of a Chinese vaccine company Cansino Bio.

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The preparation of PakVac has taken place under strict quality control checks and assures high-quality standards. This vaccine meets the criteria set by World Health Organization (WHO). According to Dr. Faisal Sultan the country initially hopes to make 100,000 doses per day. He also said that the product has passed the internal QA testing process.

The government has taken a sigh of relief as now with the development of PakVac, Pakistan doesn’t need to be dependent on other countries. Pakistan will be self-sufficient to provide vaccines to the nation. The whole country is excited about this accomplishment.

 The government of China donated COVID vaccines to Pakistan. In February country started its vaccination campaign. In the first stage, the healthcare workers got the vaccine doses while in the second phase senior citizens got the vaccination. Now the country has entered the third phase of providing vaccination in which people aged 30 and above are getting a vaccine against COVID 19. PakVac would help fasten the process of vaccination in the country.

The raw materials for the vaccine reached Islamabad in early May. With the help of Chinese experts, the officials of NIH started developing the vaccine. Their effort paid them well and Pakistan got its homemade vaccine against COVID which is named PakVac. The production of the vaccine has started and soon it will be available in markets as it has passed all quality tests. Hope our country will be able to fight against Corona Virus and help other countries as well.

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