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Anti-Fake News Laws are Strict, Should be more Strict

Now it is the time to take strict action against the groups spreading fake news

On Sunday, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhary Tweeted that it has become very important to take strict actions against those spreading fake news. He said that making a law against fake news is not against freedom of speech and those who say so have some sort of issues.

Anti-Fake News
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Information and Broadcasting Minister, Fawad Chaudhry is known for his straightforwardness. He called out all those groups against legislation and said such people’s mental health is dubious.

He tweeted, “Stringent legislation against fake news is very important and those groups who oppose legislation against fake news and call it (spreading fake news) freedom of speech have a dubious mental situation.”

His Tweet is a warning against those who are spreading fake news and those who are against anti-fake news legislation.

To regulate print, electronic, and social media, the government has decided to introduce laws or make amendments to the existing laws to stop fake news. It has been said that a concept paper has been sent to all media organizations and will be discussed.

Chaudhry in 2018 launched a Twitter account @Fake News Buster. This account exposed fake news and disinformation. The first Tweet shared via this account mentioned that social media is meant to share information, education, and knowledge. The news should not be based on disinformation or fake news to attain hidden motives instead it should be true only or else there will be no credibility.

Amid COVID-19 thousands of fake news are circulating on social media. Not only that there are many other issues as well going around in the country that have escalated the number of fake news spreading among laymen. Observing such situations, it has become inevitable to formulate strict laws against fake news.

Ohio State University has conducted research that states that political conservatives are more likely to believe in fake news as compared to liberals. However, CNN has been mocked for reporting this research due to CNN’s narrative and coverage of the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020.

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