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Artificial intelligence could help Hollywood in Changing imagination and emotion

Well, where do we begin, oh yes the advent of technology on how we came a long way whether it’s in the military, medical, or the entertainment industry. There is an expression that the “picture speaks a thousand words”, the very foundation was laid out by our forefathers on how they worked very hard to get where the world is.

There was an idea to attain the unattainable to break the barriers of the law that governed the physics, I am not talking about animation nor the criteria of pictures but yes! The live-action VFX which broke the barriers of the films which couldn’t attain even with the help of practical effects.

How Artificial intelligence could help Hollywood:

The biggest question of the world is how Ai could help Hollywood to make things better, and how is that possible? The very first thing that AI infiltrated the industry was the music industry on how they are composing music whether if it popular Japanese AI idol Mitsune, Egoist to the computerized synthesis on it could elevate the genre. The AI could generate new algorithm to recognize the pattern of musical composition like that of Beethoven and Mozart based on the analyzed data.

Back to the subject of How Artificial intelligence could help Hollywood, the producers are worried about how well the film will perform at the box office and whether it will flop or succeed. Now thanks to the state-of-the-art technology called AI it can be possible more than ever with the process and prediction that AI can pinpoint its probabilities, it can read the audience on what they want, which is scary but true.

In the next part of How Artificial intelligence could help Hollywood? The marketing ploy now sees how to get into the demographic. Big studios used this program effectively, the use of algorithm on how to hire the right actor, right script, and yes the right location of the film also what type of green screen/VFX should use.

The system which is currently in use is the Merlin system which uses deep learning and machine learning algorithm to predict the outcome of the movie.

Artificial intelligence could help Hollywood in choosing actors on what roles are suitable for the algorithm designed in such a way that it can look into the database bio of the actor and find out the probability of cast and success of the movie. AI helped Hollywood in de-aging technology for the important parts. The AI helped the editing and VFX to minimize the gap in filmmaking and to diminished the boundaries of laws of physics.

Artificial intelligence could help Hollywood in not only producing film but also making films whether if it is a film or the new game. Which is the exciting challenge for science and entertainment.

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Cons and Conclusion:

Artificial intelligence could help Hollywood to new heights as it has never before, one should be wary of the consequences of the actions. The warnings that were issued by the experts on innovation and the destructive nature of technology, the overreliance on AI will make studios execs and production houses lazy, and the replacement of organic actors will be too much. As it will be the bane of the job market for not only actors but singers also.

One should be wary of such things, what happened to the good old days when studios took risks and where the hard work of the team paid off in movies like Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia blade runner etc.?

Artificial intelligence could help Hollywood

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