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ARY digital drama Fraud airing depicts the harsh realities of society

ARY digital drama Fraud

The ARY Digital drama “Fraud” stars the diva Saba Qamar, the versatile Ahsan Khan, and the stylish Mikal Zulfiqar. These actors have previously collaborated on other projects, thus this is not their first time. ARY Digital drama Fraud drama doesn’t follow the typical “saas-bahu” plot; instead, they focus on the very real problem of how ARY Digital drama fraud and deceit are conducted by seducing unsuspecting ladies, particularly online. In actuality, dishonesty and deceit can occur between men and women as much as between girls. However, this tale demonstrates how lie and ARY Digital drama fraud may devastate the life of a young girl.

Maya (Saba Qamar), an innocent and submissive girl, is the protagonist of the story. She is the daughter of Nasir, a teacher who wants Maya to marry into a wealthy family so that they can live happily ever after. The already-aired episodes show how online lies are used to lure girls into Rishta’s traps.

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Tabraiz (Ahsan Khan’s) lures Maya and her family into marrying him by demonstrating his money and success. As a result of viewing their fake prosperity, Maya’s father falls for their trick and develops greed. But she marries him out of the goodness of her heart. However, he and his family eventually took the girl’s gold and money and flew off after marriage. At first Maya and her family don’t believe that they can be ARY Digital drama fraud but once they came to know that Tabraiz khan is an ARY Digital drama fraud and he has trapped many girls by marrying them and leaving them. All this truth leaves the family devastated.

Serial has another story inside it. The character of Mikaal Zulfiqaar is depicted as a man torn between his wife and daughter, as well as his stepmother and sister. The narrative demonstrates this by describing how his wife left him and took their daughter to America. In actuality, it appears that his stepmother (Asma Abbas) and sister are the ones victimizing him while manipulating his emotions and appearing as the victim.

Society’s harsh Reality:

The greed is curse it’s not just a phrase; there are many stories included in that line. This drama is based on the realities of those people who are excessively preoccupied with money; they believe that money may purchase happiness or a bright future for their children. As a result, they do not consider right and wrong and simply follow the money, receiving nothing in the end except their bare hands. Drama therefore demonstrates that daughters’ futures are independent on wealth.

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There is no connection between wealth and destiny. This drama paints such an accurate picture of creative minds. This story serves as a wake-up call to parents that thorough due diligence is required before arranging for their daughter to marry someone. A thorough investigation is preferable than eternal regret. What will individuals say? Drama depicts the harsh truth of society, which is how people meddle in other people’s affairs. People start saying a lot of hurtful things that increase the trauma in Maya’s family’s home rather than inspiring and supporting them emotionally. They don’t give a damn about Maya’s or her parents’ mental health; they only care about their gossips. 

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Upcoming Sequence:

Now the upcoming episodes of ARY Digital drama Fraud will show that how Maya will fight with her destiny or how will she cope with people’s gossip. Upcoming teaser shows that Maya is standing on the railway station alone, it will be interesting to see that how shaan and Maya will meet each other. Shaan’s progress is still slow, but one change has been made: Shaan wants his step-sister to wed. We are speculating as to whether she will wed Tabraiz. Audiences are appreciating the show and they are expecting that this show will be on top after few more episodes.

ARY Digital drama Fraud
Bushra Luqman
Bushra Luqman
Bushra Luqman

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