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Balochistan flood claimed several lives and destroyed many homes

Balochistan flood

2022 monsoon rains have brought havoc in the country . As of August 1st lives of around 478 people had been claimed by the flood across all provinces. Along with that 536 were injured and 36,400 houses were found to be damaged. This also majorly affected the livestock. It has been estimated that more than 24,000 livestock have been lost to flood. Balochistan has been affected the most in these rains absorbing around 60% of the total damage.

Balochistan flood have overwhelmed the river bodies of the areas including the river and sewer system. The low lying areas have submerged in water and roads have been blocked. These flood have claimed lives of at least 136 people and the damage to livestocks and infrastructure has been immense. The southwestern province has been cut off with other provinces due to 700 km of road being claimed by the flood. Several bridges and roasts have also been damaged and have not been repaired still. Seasonal crops have been damaged also. All of this has led to a shortage of food in the province.

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The rains in the province are continuous and show no sign of stopping. This has led to an outbreak of cholera. Only in Zhob, 2000 cases of cholera have been reported which is leading to a health crisis in the province. The government of Balochistan has been trying to control the situation but are clearly failing to do so.

Chief Minister of Balochistan, Abdul Qudoos Bezenjo, has asked for huge assistance for the province as the damage done by Balochistan flood. It is impossible for the provincial administration alone to control the dampening situation. These flood have become a huge challenge for the government.   

Recently, PM Shahbaz Sharif paid a visit to Balochistan to oversee the efforts to control the crisis. 

PM Shahbaz Sharif has promised proper help from the federal government to help the provincial administration sort out the flood situation. He met the affected people and boosted their morale and assured of significant help from his government.

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The PM has sought to take actions against the neglect of officials that failed to provide water and food to the flood stricken people. The Prime minister has announced compensation packages for people affected by Balochistan flood. People who have lost their family members to flood will be compensated by Rs. 1 million. Rs. 500,000 is announced for people who have their houses destroyed by the Baloshistan flood and Rs. 200,000 for people with partially damaged houses. 

He has also instructed PDMA and NDMA to calculate the damage to the livestock, crop and infrastructure. He asked them to use satellite images for proper assessment.

Rescue operations have been conducted throughout the province by the Pakistan Army, Frontier Corps and rescue workers. From Lasbela and Jhal Bagsi districts of Balochistan thousands of stranded people have been rescued.

This year the rains have been more than the previous years. It rained 305% more than usual in Balochistan and it is predicted that it would face more rains in the coming years. Balochistan flood highlight the drastic effects of climate change in the region.

Balochistan flood

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Balochistan flood Balochistan flood Balochistan flood

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