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Best Seller Game of 2020

Best Seller Game of 2020

Last year was the best for video games, to be honest despite some releases to be postponed for the further releases like movies video games made the most out of the year with people going to their online shopping spree buying “PlayStation”, “X box” or building their gaming pc just to avoid going outside, video games act as escapism for most of us while all of the negativity going out in the year 2020 because of the chaos that followed because of the ongoing pandemic. While staying at home policy helped a lot due to everyone seeking some sort of entertainment they tend to use video games and it helped a lot of games like “call of duty”, “Nintendo”, “Electronic Arts” and so on to be on the selling of the best video games in 2020.

 Here is the following list of 6 games that topped the charts in the US:

Call of duty: Black Ops Cold war.

Publishers: Activision blizzard

Starting off the list is another entry from the popular gaming franchise “Cod cold war”, Last year was kind to Call of duty as many of the gamers spend time online playing this newly released game online, according to the owners at “Activision” the game has surpassed the 3 billion dollars mark in just 12 months making it the highest earned game of the franchise and over 200 million players have played this game alone to make it one of the best sellers in last year and the revenue of the company has gone up at 80% for the company

Call of duty: Modern warfare 2019

Publishers: Activision blizzard

This reboot was released in October 2019 as it was a project to bring this franchise back to its roots, this game was the best year of the franchise year not only black ops became the best-sold games of 2020, Call of duty warzone also became their small project adapting the battle royal formula like that of “Fortnite”, “Player unknown Battleground” etc. According to data revealed by the research team in their organization that the game earned a revenue of about 1.9 billion dollars in 2020 that is a huge deal for the franchise which surpassed FIFA 20 which held the record to 1.87 billion.

Animal Crossing: the new horizon

Publishers: Nintendo

The online game that everyone played during the pandemic who owned the console Nintendo. The game was a huge success and became the highest game seller in 2020 with the net revenue earning 1 billion dollars with the 200,000 copies being sold alone in America. The company revealed by the end of March 2020 the 11 million units have been sold and by the end of the year 26.04 million units have been sold making it the bestselling switch game of that year.

Madden NFL 21:

Publishers: Electronic Arts.

The entire company of electronic arts had the fiscal year and they garnered about 1.1 billion dollars. It became the most popular game surpassing its predecessor in sales up to 20 percent which sold over 100, 000 copies across the states, and becoming the 4th best seller game in 2020.

Assassin’s creed Valhalla

Publishers: Ubisoft

Another game from the popular franchise the latest entry took the world by storm was the latest Viking’s era Assassin’s creed Valhalla, having sold up to 1.7 million units worldwide, it sold more than 50 percent than its predecessor which is a huge achievement for the franchise which gives players a new experience to play open world without any problem, the company confirmed that over 1.8 million players played the game.

Last of us: part 2

Publisher: Sony

The highly anticipated game Last of us 2, which was the long-awaited sequel of the original game Last of us 2013 not only sold over 2.8 million copies worldwide which made it the best-selling PlayStation game of all time but also won the game of the year award.

Ghost of Tsushima:

Publisher: Sony

Another highly anticipated game Ghost of Tsushima became the bestselling game of 2020 topping both Europe and USA charts also it became an instant hit in Japan selling out 212,900 copies at the debut of the game and worldwide it sold 2.8 million copies in its first 3 days and in November 2020 it sold 5 million copies.

There were a lot of video games that crossed the 1 million mark because of the pandemic there were surprising hits like “Among Us” in which over 100 million players logged in the game and were having fun with each other. The remake games like “Resident Evil 3” and “Final Fantasy VII” surpassed the expectation. Ghost of Tsushima was the best game that every gamer enjoyed because of its vibrant storytelling and shades of “Akira Kurosawa” movies of the swordplay era in Japan, and many were upset That it didn’t even the game of the year award.

Last year Video games were sold like wildfire and even though some projects got delayed but the games really made most of it and were unlikely affected by the virus, let’s hope this year will be good as the previous year.

Best Seller Game of 2020
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