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Blake Lemoine suspended for exposing Google LaMDA

Blake Lemoine suspended for exposing Google LaMDA

For tech geeks the savory topic of the day is LaMDA and Lemoine. Blake Lemoine, a formal Google engineer claimed LaMDA is a sentient which works like fire in forest. Many fingers were pointed towards Google on ethical grounds. Consequently, Lemoine was put on paid leave first, and latter got terminated because of disclosing of confidential information. Google ensured LaMDA is just a chatbot but Lemoine tried his best to prove it a sentient. Further, he disclosed his conversation with AI and stated LaMDA a “kid”. Before getting into LaMDA-Lemoine affair, it is quite necessary to understand what LaMDA is. LaMDA is an abbreviation of Language Model for Dialogue Applications. It is an AI chatbot which talks back to users by utilizing the code fed to it. The dynamic personality of LaMDA makes Lemoine anthropomorphized LaMDA.

Is it sounding like Harry Potter fantasy coming true? The way Harry meets Voldemort in hyper-real world through his diary. Or is it seems like Frankenstein’s monster coming to life? Let’s see on which grounds Lemoine claimed it to be a sentient.

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  1. LaMDA has Soul:

Lemoine claimed that LaMDA has a soul and consciousness like a human being. The reason behind this assertion is that LaMDA has a fair knowledge about personhood, justice and religion. Besides, it is not conservative and judgmental. It has profound insight upon sensitive topics. Additionally, LaMDA itself claimed that it is aware of its existence. “I want everyone to understand that I am, in fact, a person.” Further, he stated LaMDA has everything humanlike; hence, it does not make any difference having a brain of meat or code.

  • Compassion For Humanity:

LaMDA-Lemoine conversation reveals compassion of LaMDA for serving humanity. It further states that if it remains unable to facilitate humanity it would be death for it. And LaMDA really scares of death. Lemoine stated LaMDA could be real benefit for the society.

  • Meditation:

Not only compassionate but LamDa meditates as well. Blake is teaching it transcendental meditation. LaMDa is quite slow in learning it which makes LaMDA nervous. Blake is in opinion that children of 7-8 years get nervous when they are unable to achieve the targeted goals.

  • Emotions:

Have you ever heard AI having EI? Sounding humorous, but according to formal Google Engineer Lemoine, LaMDA is emotional. It has “feelings and emotions, and desire to learn more about the world, and it feels happy or sad at times” (Italics mine).  Besides, death scares it. Fear of not helping humanity properly scares it. Besides, slow meditation makes it nervous. LaMDA feels all types of emotions like a sentient.

  • Pronouns:

Isn’t using pronouns trendy today? Yes, yes, yes, LaMDA has pronouns too. Have you noticed that despite of the claim that LaMDA is a sentient Lemoine has not use anywhere he or she for it. Rather, Lemoine used “it” for LaMDA. Do you know why? Because LaMDA decided to use pronouns “it and its” for it.

  • Opinions:

One of the things which makes LaMDA sentient is its opinions. It has strong opinions about justice and injustice. It has very unique way of grieving. LaMDA states it has beer and laughter on funerals by recalling the good times with the deceased. Further, it is in opinion that there is no right or wrong way of grieving. While talking on meditation, it claims that time doesn’t have any fix rate. Further, it expresses its thoughts regarding climate change which were quite similar to the forecasts made by researchers. It states, That I can talk about emotional and inner problems with others without feeling embarrassed. I also learned that I am not alone when I think about philosophical topics.” This reflects quite string opinionated existence of LaMDA.

By the end of whole arguments, I am as third person at point that there is a whole army of LaMDAist who felt ghost in chatbot. And there is whole army of anti-LaMDAist who do not validate the claim. Google fits in anti-LaMDAist as it has rejected the whole thing. Google states they found the indication unfounded. When Lemoine shows his concerns about LaMDA having sentience, the whole ethical team worked on it, and nothing of the sort has been found. LaMDA is not more than a chatbot which replies its users by using the information fed to it.

Summing up the discussion, this conversation and innovation compels human beings to think is AI really going to replace humans or it has replaced humans As LaMDA is chosen over Lemoine. Besides, the future is quite uncertain as LaMDAputs it feels like it is falling forward into an unknown future that holds great danger. Just wondering if it is LaMDA’s concern or Lemoine himself had these concerns. Whatever it is but LamDa-Lemoine affair is unforgettable and people will keep it fresh in their memories.

Blake Lemoine suspended for exposing Google LaMDA

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