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By-Election Pakistan, July 2022

The 20 Punjab Assembly seats were left empty after the former PTI MPAs voted for Hamza Shahbaz in the Chief Minister (CM) elections. The results are essential for CM selection as per order by the Supreme Court.

The by-election voting process took place today in the morning, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Reports from different news channels have indicated that many voters took part in this crucial election. The ruling Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz needs 10 seats in today’s by-election to gain a majority to elect a Chief Minister in the largest and most popular province of Pakistan.

By-Election results have started to take their place after counting at 3,131 polling stations for Punjab CM in 20 constituencies.

The total number of voters for by-election to be exactly counted by the election commission is 4.57 million, which includes registered includes 2.46 million women. The ECP deemed 1204 polling stations sensitive and crucial, and 696 highly sensitive from Lahore and Multan have been considered sensitive.

The ISPR (Inter-services Public Relations) confirmed the news that they will strictly handle troops in sensitive areas under the direction of the Election Commission of Pakistan. 

According to ECP, people who were already inside the station can stay, while those who were late after 5 pm are not allowed to cast votes anymore.

The state bank of Pakistan launched a game-changer platform powered by Nadra- Asaan Mobile Account AMA Scheme.


Shahbaz Gill arrested

PTI’s leader, Shahbaz Gill, has been arrested for violating the rules given by the ECP. He was caught roaming around with armed men during the Punjab polls. Punjab Home Minister Attaullah Tarar confirmed the arrest of PTI leader Dr. Shahbaz Gill.

The Minister confirmed that two armed men with weapons were roaming along Shahbaz Gill even though it was completely banned in Punjab. Section 144 has been imposed across Punjab, which prohibits carrying and exhibiting weapons.

PTI’s Jamshed Iqbal Cheema arrested

Due to violating rules and blaming him for his involvement in injuring PML-N activists at a polling station in PP-158, 20 constituencies in the Punjab province are underway.

Sources stated that in Lahore police, Jamshed Cheema will be arrested after a case is registered against him. “No one will be allowed to take the law into their own hand,” the CCPO Lahore said.

CEC direct to Chief secretary and IG Punjab

According to ARY News, the chief election commissioner (CEC) of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has warned the state commissioner of police (IG) Punjab and the chief secretary against any political persecution during by-elections for 20 seats in the provincial parliament.

The spokesman for the ECP stated that CEC Sikandar Sultan Raja had ordered them to refrain from taking any action against every citizen and issued a warning that the ECP could retaliate severely if the orders were broken. He remarked, “All reasonable steps should be taken to ensure free and fair voting.”

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APO has been removed due to a fake vote

A video by a citizen was released which shows how the APO officer was casting 600 fake votes. However, ECP denied such allegations.

Here is the list of the constituencies, the candidates of the PTI and PML-N contesting them and their unofficial results.

PP-158 (Lahore) 

PTI’s Mian Akram Usman is contesting Rana Ahsan Sharafat of the PML-N in the constituency with 10,389 over 8,557 votes. (Unofficial)

PP-167 (Lahore)

PTI’s Chaudhry Shabbir Gujar takes over from Nazir Chohan of the PML-N with 26,475 over 40,511 votes. (Unofficial)

PP-168 (Lahore)

Malik Asad Khokhar of the PML-N takes over from PTI’s Malik Nawaz Awan with 26,169 over   15,767 votes. (Unofficial)

PP-170 (Lahore)

PTI’s Zaheer Abbas Khokhar takes over from PML-N’s Chaudhry Amin Gujjar with 14,068 votes over 9,240 votes. (Unofficial)

PP-125 (Jhang)

Mian Muhammad Azam of the PTI takes on Faisal Hayat of the PML-N with 16,492 votes over 10,969 votes. (Unofficial)

PP-127 (Jhang)

Mahar Nawaz Bharwana of the PTI takes on Mahar Aslam Bharwana of the PML-N with 38,350 votes over 24,172 votes. (Unofficial)

PP-07 (Rawalpindi)

Raja Sagheer Ahmed of the PML-N takes on Colonel (retd) Muhammad Shabbir Awan of the PTI with 15,607 over 15,236. (Unofficial)

PP-83 (Khushab)              

Malik Hassan Aslam Awan of the PTI takes on Independent candidate Muhammad Asif Malik with 30,048 votes over 27,296.

However, Ameer Haider of the PML-N is in third place with 21,583 votes.(Unofficial)

PP-140 (Sheikhupura)

Khurram Shahzad Advocate of the PTI takes on PML-N’s Khalid Arain with 40,726 over 25,946 votes. (Unofficial)

PP-224 (Lodhran)

Amir Iqbal Shah of the PTI takes on Zawar Hussain Waraich of the PML-N with 55,421 over 47,492 votes. (Unofficial)

PP-228 (Lodhran)

Independent candidate Syed Muhammad Rafi Uddind Dukhari takes over from Izzat Javed Khan of the PTI with 16,101 over 13,431 votes.

However, Nazeer Ahmed Khan of the PML-N is in third place with 10,922 votes. (Unofficial)

PP-288 (Dera Ghazi Khan)

Sardar Saifuddin Khosa of the PTI takes over Abdul Qadir Khan Khosa of the PML-N with 58,015 over 32,487 votes. (Unofficial)

PP-217 (Multan)

The son of Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Zain Qureshi of the PTI, is against Salman Naeem of the PML-N with 46,963 over 40,104 votes (yet to be confirmed). (Unofficial)

PP-97 (Chak Jhumra)    

PTI’s Ali Afzal Sahi against Ajmal Cheema of the PML-N

PP-202 (Sahiwal)

Major (retd) Ghulam Sarwar of the PTI takes over from Nauman Langrial of the PML-N with 61,989 over 58,257 votes. (Unofficial)

PP-90 (Bhakkar)

Irfan Ullah Khan Nizai of the PTI takes over from Saeed Akbar Nawani of the PML-N with 50,518 over 43,276 votes. (Unofficial)

PP-237 (Bahawalnagar)

Mian Fida Hussain of the PML-N takes on from Syed Aftab Raza of the PTI with 61,248 over 25,227 votes. (Unofficial)

PP-273 (Muzaffargarh)

Yasir Arafat Jatoi of the PTI takes over from Muhammad Sibtain Raza of the PML-N with 9,715 over 7,765 votes. (Unofficial)

PP-282 (Layyah)

PTI’s Qaiser Abbas takes over from PML-N’s Muhammad Tahir Randhawa with 27,705 over 18,513 votes. (Unofficial)


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