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Captivating beauty of Murree during winters

Captivating beauty of Murree during winters

Murree is considered as one of the most beautiful hill stations in Pakistan. Its mesmerizing views not only throw their magical spells on tourists during summer but in winters as well. The hill station, located 60 kilometers from twin cities, gives a captivating view during winters. The mountains look like as if they have been covered with white blankets. Apart from summer season, a huge percentage of tourists visit Murre to enjoy snowfall during the winter season. Infact, Murree is believed to be the most visited tourist spot.

Be it the beauty of Kashmir point and Ayubia national park, life of Mall road in Murree or the joy of Sozo water park and air ride in Patriata- one can live life to the fullest by visiting this hill station. However, to ensure a smooth experience during the large-scale visit of tourists, the administration and police force of the area also play an active role. As the number of tourists increase in the area, the issues like less parking space, blocked and slippery roads etc also come to surface. Therefore, during this time, local people along with authorities provide maximum support to the tourists.

On one hand, Murree is the source of peace and beauty for the visitors while on the other hand, it also contributes actively in the Pakistan’s tourism industry. In the year 2020, this wonder of nature had to face severe financial losses. Keeping in view the then scenario, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan ensured MNA of the area to include tourism industry of Murree and Galiyat in the relief package. However, life and businesses in Murree are gradually coping up with the damage by again having thousands of tourists these days. So, when are you going Murree to enjoy the charming white mountains covered with snow along with crystalline snow fall?

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