Friday, March 31, 2023

Clash of Outfits in Hum Style Awards with Islamic Culture and Values

Hum Style Awards (HSA) is an award ceremony that held in Pakistan annually, since 2002. This event has dedicated to cinema, drama, television, fashion and music in Pakistan.

Few days ago, at the ceremony of HSA 2021, Alizay Shah was framed by social media, following the western dress code.

In time when Alizah Shah pictures were trolling by meme gamers, pictures of some other celebrities were also found, following the western culture, on social media handles, fiercely fired up Pakistan’s people’s aggression for following western culture instead of their own. So, now it is clear that main reason for criticism is outfits of celebrities, wearing revealing dresses which is absolutely propagate vulgarity in youth and against Islamic culture and values.

Here are some tweets of random people criticizing celebrities.

Is this really Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

Some celebrities of Pakistan’s entertainment industry, also concluded their perceptions on what have done in Hum Style Awards 2021. Here are some perspectives of celebrities who also work hard, perform well and promoting Pakistan’s culture through their work in every possible way.

There is need to understand that you’re living in Islamic State and should know Islamic values and practicing culture of Pakistan. It having bad impact on society where these types of practices considered as shameful act as wearing revealing outfits using the name of Fashion.

Being a media analyst, I would highly appreciate those males and females in entertainment industry fellows, who are working with passion and still following their culture.

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