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Deadly Virus Tsunami hits India badly, Health system gets down

There has been surge of the cases in many countries like Pakistan, USA and Brazil, none of them compared to that of India. Since April 2, 2021 India has reported the highest cases of the daily tallies of infections. It has been quiet alarming situation for the country, the new cases of covid-19 has pushed India into the 2nd place surpassed Brazil for the second largest recorded cases of novel corona virus.

The mutation of the novel corona virus has given the rise of new mutation called the Indian strain by which people have fear for their lives. India is currently the fourth largest country having more fatalities because of the virus behind USA, Brazil and Mexico.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned with the rising cases of corona virus and deaths. The situation of the nation is beyond heart breaking and will likely more and more deaths will occur. In the surge of the corona virus cases, the patients are being taken to the social media asking for more oxygen tanks but the health care institutions fail to provide miserably.

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The infection in the past 24 hours has risen up to 352.991 and the situations of hospitals and medical facilities are also grim. More than 2nd and 3rd hospitals have no bed at all, and the medical oxygen tanks have been reduced to a minimum in numbers. According to WHO and many health experts, they have come to conclude that because of the neglecting SOPs and mass gathering, India have let their guard down. Because of this scenario the virus easily spread from one place to another and infecting everyone in its wake.

The world sent condolences to the infected nation and was willing to help them. The president of the United States have sent vaccines and protected gear to India hoping to give them a chance to fight. United Nations are also helping India to give oxygen cylinders and ventilators for the hospitals.

The WHO transferred more than 2.600 programs to work with Indian Authorities to help them to respond to the surge of the pandemic. Even their rival nations are willing to help them in the time of need by sending them the oxygen tanks and medical equipment.

The pandemic have really burned this world, caused recessions and deaths to millions of people worldwide. One can be hopeful if we work together to combat this unknown entity, maybe one day we can see the brighter side.

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