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Dunk 2nd last Episode: Tale of false allegations is now coming to an End.


The dunk drama is based on the original story of a family in Sargodha, Pakistan. The story revolves around three main characters. The character professor Humayun who stirring Noman Ijaza, accused of harassing his student. The main character of the drama is Haider stirring by Bilal Abbas who is fiancé of Amal and Amal stirring by Sana Javed who accused Professor Hamyun for baseless allegation of harassment.

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The story starts from professor Humayun accused of baseless allegation of harassment by Amal and Amal’s fiancé fully supports him. Professor Humayun is treated very unjustly for this baseless allegation. No one supports him, even her daughter hates her father. The most heart-wrenching moment when professor commits suicide. After which the story takes a new turn.

Haider, Amal's fiancé, knows that Amal has made baseless allegations against the professor, on which he quietly leaves Amal. Haider's brother has to marry Amal because Haider went at the time of wedding. Amal uses Haider's brother against him and similarly, she blames her ex-boyfriend. The case goes to court in which everyone testifies for Haider and Haider's brother divorced Amal Infront of all people sitting in court.

It looks that in the next episode story takes turn. When Haider ask Amal’s that he is ready of what she is wanted. He is ready of giving divorce to her wife Minal who is actually a mutual friend of Haider and Amal’. After accepting Amals will haider will kidnap Amal’s and imprison her in a hiding place and then Haider asked her that now he do exactly what she ask through out the story, the baseless allegations she made on him actually feels her now.

As shown in the dunk next episode trailer, Haider harassing Amal after kidnapping her which is not exactly what he is doing, The trailer is just depicting what actually she done with Professor Hamyun and with his family. Haider will try to make him realize how she destroyed professor’s Hamyun homes and eventually his own home also. Amal actually snatched father of her daughter and forced him to end his life. In the end, Amal will be overwhelmed by the repentance of her wrongdoing.


Fahd Mustafa has penned a very big issue of today. The role of media is also shown in this play. True or false, discussion has started in the media also after this play. While on the one hand the lessons to be learned from this drama is do not do wrong with anyone, and on the other hand, it also comes to light that justice is not easily obtained whether it is a girl or a boy.

You have to die for justice and sometimes you are deprived of justice even after death. This is not just a story, there are many stories that come to light every day. There is a lot of noise in the media for a few days and then there is silence everywhere. This drama tells how emotions, trust and human dignity are violated. People are snatched from their own.

This drama also leaves the question for all of us, is it necessary to die in order to be proved right? You have the answer, what do you think?

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