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Dunk Pakistani New Drama Serial – ARY Digital

Dunk Pakistani New Drama Serial

After the intense teaser, drama serial Dunk created a lot of anticipation among the Pakistani drama fans. The first episode finally aired on ARY Digital on December 23, 2020, at 08:00 PM Wednesday. The drama is a production of BigBang entertainment, directed by Babar Mehmood, and written by Mohsin Ali Shah featuring Bilal Khan, Sana Javed, and Noman Ejaz as the lead cast.

The intense story revolves around the false accusation of harassment of a university professor and how it changes the personal and professional life of the accused and his family.

The first episode starts with a student accusing the professor of harassment and the reaction of other students including the main cast. Protests start against the professor in the university. Even though the episode does not show the truth behind the accusation, but it tried to portray how people should react to such incidents. Do not brush these issues under the carpet. It will not solve anything and standing against these issues is the right thing to do. Additionally, it also highlights that finding the truth of harassment accusations objectively is necessary before proceeding with the case.

What viewers have to say about the first episode of Dunk.

People could not stop appreciating the performance of actors after watching the first episode.

The first episode has hooked the interest of the public and people are looking forward to how things will unfold in upcoming episodes.

Will this intense story qualify to become a blockbuster or will it becomes a topic of controversy?

Dunk Pakistani New Drama Serial
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