Education and the women of Pakistan

Education and the women of Pakistan

Survival of the fittest is a famous quote by Herbert Spencer which means “Only those organisms will survive that fit themselves best in their environment”. From the beginning humans are struggling to survive in the challenging world, whether the challenge is created by the nature or the humans themselves, every single individual is a participant of this race that has been started from the start, in which to achieve something you need to trigger yourself to get it, and that race is known as Life. The most important requirement of today’s society is the Education. As we are enlightening the fact about the education for female, here we are talking about the significant position of a female in a Pakistan’s society to prove that how day by day women education is the survival of a nation as it has become the requirement of today’s world.

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  • Education and the women of Pakistan

Talking about the educated women of Pakistan, our history is full of numerous examples, which proves the famous quote of Nelson Mandela true that “Education is the powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Women like Fatima Jinnah, Benazir Bhutto, Maryam Mukhtiyar Shaheed, Arfaah Kareem, and many other brave and educated women are the examples of being that powerful weapon which can change the world through their strong roles. Whether they are in a battlefield or in a field of politics or in sciences they have proven the world that no one can stop them.

Education not only means having a degree in a specific field or to speak a certain language, but to develop a sense of consciousness to understand the law of nature that how the mechanism is going, to recognize the strength of yours that has been developed naturally. Education means building up a habit of critical thinking to make a place in a long race of development and the strong ladies of Pakistan has proven the world that they are not less than anyone.

  • Female issues regarding education

The main issues that most of the females are having is the sick mentality of the society originated from Patriarchal system, where they believe that the education and resources should be given to the male of the family for a better future. The majority of the females are drop out from the school over the fact that there is no need of education for a girl who will eventually get married and will take care of the family, so for them giving education to a girl is wastage of time and money because her future is not to get a job for working outside but to take care of her in-laws.

Unfortunately there are many girls who become doctors and have remarkable performance in their academics but are unable to do jobs because they are not allowed to do a job for which they have to go out. Having this kind of mentality is actually a curse to everyone who is not considering it a problem.

Another factor is the “Misogyny”. Living in a patriarchal society is somehow toxic to the women as most of the times women are getting targeted on the basis of being a “woman”. Whether they are at workplace or at public place they are being targeted by all the misogynists. Despite of giving their best they are being judged and such sentences are used for them like “She has been promoted because she is a female and she is taking advantage of it.”

Body shaming, character assassination, slut shaming, victim blaming and all types of negativity is being produced by the mindset that has been a part of the society from decades and are the result of lack of education of those women who are raising such people that are making the life of other women miserable. Because the term misogyny takes place from the living style one is getting, and at the end it all started from our homes so here education plays a vital role.

  • Pakistan female’s Literacy rate

Pakistan is fifth world’s largest country. Despite of having a large number of population and a massive proportion of youth it is suffering from decades. There are many factors behind this disastrous journey but among them lack of education is a crucial factor. According to statistics times female population in Pakistan is approximately 48%. The female literacy rate in Pakistan is approximately 57%. The women of urban areas of Pakistan now are more educated and if this trend goes steadily than they can compete everyone but on the other hand the females of rural areas are too backward due to the conservative thinking of the tribal society, because they are against the modern studies. According to the recent survey, the literacy rate of tribal women is 15% which is quite low.

  • Importance of education for women

The significance of education can be seen in every aspect of life, whether it’s the worldly matters or the religion. Through religious point of view, by looking over the Quran we can also see that the first revelation over the Prophet (PBUH) was also about education.

Now here the question arises that why education is that much important for the women in a country? Because it is a noticeable factor that the women nourishes the whole nation. How? For this there is a common quote that is “Behind every successful man there is a woman”

A woman as a mother, has a strong impact over the nourishment of the children. It is she who takes care of them and groom them well. Once in a life we have also heard that, for good nations, good women are required because they are the ones who are up bringing the future of the country. For this purpose we can say that education is important for everyone. An educated woman can contribute in every field of life whether it’s about economy, government or a mother.

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