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Electric Buses on Pakistan’s Road

Electric Buses on Pakistan’s Roads are coming Soon for public use. The Minister of Science and Technology, Fawah Chaudry, hints at the agreements of Pakistan with the British automobile company. The MoUs for manufacturing electric buses in Pakistan by the British firm has been signed. Not only this but it is in the newsflash that Skywell Automobiles of China is going to invest $50 million to start electric buses in Pakistan this year. Both agreements talk about electric buses in Pakistan this year will soon start their work after the working of 5G service in Pakistan. This is exciting and beneficial for Pakistan’s economy and global environment.


Electric Buses on Pakistan’s Roads are coming Soon Say Bye to Petrol

With the introduction of electric buses on the roads of Pakistan, it is not wrong to say that diesel and petrol will become near history. The shift from diesel to electric batteries in automobiles will not be sudden. It will take time like any other major shift in technology in the world but the change will be worth it. Electric automobiles are a safe option for our global environment.

More Electric Shortfall?

Shifting to electric run automobiles give rise to an issue that is already a big concern for the people of Pakistan. As the new technology that we are talking about is run by electric power, it will require a continuous supply of electricity to run a longer course. However, considering electric shortfalls and load shedding conditions in Pakistan this can cause more burden to our economy.

What will happen to Daewoo Bus Service in Pakistan?

It is in the newsflash that Daewoo Bus Service and Chinese Skywell Automobiles will have the hold of electric buses in Pakistan. Later, when this new technology is easily adopted in Pakistan, Skywell Automobiles will pull itself out of the deal and give Daewoo the authority over electric buses in Pakistan. This reminds of the motorway plan where a Korean investing company, Hyundai, pulled itself out after achieving its investment cost and giving the liberty to Pakistan. If the investment becomes successful in the future considering other factors in perspective, there will be prosperity in the economy and a great initiative towards the global environment from Pakistan.

The government should give its blessing to this investment

There is no doubt about it that this deal will be benefical for Pakistan in the long-run. Therefore, the role of the government and opposition in these times is highly significant. To avoid future conflicts from public transport lords on our roads, the government should start awareness campaigns regarding electric buses and their benefits for the people and find a way to satisfy owners of transportation companies in Pakistan. It is necessary to satisfy the audience and beat them in their own game.

Future Implications

No matter how much these new developments sound amazing to our ears, there is still a long way to go there. The nation requires patience and minds in the right direction to benefit from these changes productively. This change will be et up in two to three stages. In the first stage, foreign investment companies will manufacture electric buses for Pakistan and later set Pakistan to locally manufacture them.

Through this technology, Pakistan will be able to set foot in the game of western infrastructure race. Though it is a start; it

Electric Buses
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