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Emily Wilder no more belongs to Associated Press

A termination that raised many questions and a protest

On Wednesday, Emily Wilder kicked out of her new job as a news associate for the Associated Press. She told that she has violated the company’s policy. However, it was not told to her that how her social media activity violated the company’s policy. More than 100 reporters have protested against the firing of Emily Wilder.

Emily Wilder
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Emily Wilder

Emily Wilder is Arizona based Jewish who has studied at Stanford College. On May 3rd she got hired by the Associated Press (AP) as a reporter. On May 17 Stanford College Republicans tweet some posts. These tweets were made by Wilder during her college, those posts were in defense of Palestinian rights and against the policies of Israeli government. On May 19 Wilder got fired from her new job. According to Wilder the reason for her termination is violation of the company’s social media policy. However, she said that no one has enlightened her that how her social media activity was against the company’s policy and which activity led to these circumstances.

The dismissal of the reporter has been criticized. The Associated Press reporters have signed an open letter on Monday and recorded their protest against Emily Wilder’s sacking. Many reporters believe that her removal is unjust. US investigative journalist Nikole Hannah Jones tweeted: “It is disgraceful and journalism organizations that exist to demand accountability and transparency of others must hold themselves to the same standards.”

Khaled Elgindy said: “This is a pretty egregious case of selective enforcement.”

The AP news leaders have refused to share more information about the topic and commented that the company does not discuss personnel issues publicly to protect their privacy.

Later this event on Monday staff members asked to suggest changes in social media guidelines to launch new social media policies which will be effective from September.

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