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Eva Zu Beck Road Trip: A Travel Series of Pakistan

Eva Zu Beck is a professional travel vlogger, writer, and storyteller who started her journey of vlogging just three years ago and gained much popularity in this short span. She filmed a 6 part series, ‘A Place called Pakistan’, featuring her solo visit to Pakistan documenting her experience and the diverse culture of the country. Pakistan is seldom on any female solo traveler’s list but Eva Zu Beck thinks otherwise. When things were normal and pandemic was just a word in everyone’s dictionary, her visits to Pakistan changed her perspective. In an interview, Eva talks about how she came to know Pakistan and why did she decide to visit the country.

“I visited Pakistan in April this year when I was invited by a friend of mine that I knew from school. She is a foreigner living here working for an NGO. Upon her invitation, I decided to google Pakistan, and not that many positive things came up, but I decided to check out all the beautiful places here and I did”

‘A Place called Pakistan’, a six-part series based on Beck’s journey in different parts of Pakistan features cultures of Pakistan from North to South, meeting people, and understanding Pakistani lifestyle. This documentary film was aired by TRT World on August 15, 2020.

Her content during her extended stay in Pakistan caught the eyes of many global media companies that featured her story and experience of visiting Pakistan. Let’s look at the highlights of this series.


Strong Content

‘A Place called Pakistan’ is a strong documentary series with quality content that revolves around featuring diverse cultures and scenic places of the country. The content stands out because it, unlike mainstream media, shows the unspoken and undocumented image of Pakistan. Sure, the Pakistan, like every country, have its problems but that was not the focus of this series. The series gave an insight into the lives of Pakistani People, and how they carry out their normal lives in a country that has progressed in the last decade. Eva Zu Beck visited and stayed with the locals in Balochistan, Northern areas of Pakistan, Karachi, and many other parts of Pakistan showing the peaceful side of the country that many fails to document.

Persuasive Storytelling

Watching travel documentaries is always fun but when it is combined with eloquent storytelling, the entertainment value is doubled. Eva in ‘A place called Pakistan’ through her excellent storytelling grasps the attention of the viewers. Her storytelling depicts her candid and personal experience that makes a bond of viewers with the storyteller and the place.

Featuring People

If you watch the documentary series, you will notice that along with visiting many places, Eva Zu Beck also features common citizens of the country and highlights their daily lifestyles and cultures. Not only that she features people in the fil but also stayed with them during her visits to experience their lives to the fullest.

Scenic Shots

Scenic shots of beautiful pace are what make good travel documentaries. This series has covered shots of beautiful places through drone shots, videos and pictures, and covered the cultures well. During her 13 months stay in Pakistan, Eva Zu Beck has experienced almost all the seasons and festivals of the country and has been covered in her series. It gives a diverse and different experience in every episode of the series.

Eva Zu Beck’s Perception of Pakistan

After her experience in Pakistan, Eva says that Pakistan can become the “number 1 tourist destination” in the world providing tourists the fullest experience of life, cultures, values, human interactions, and much more.

“If there is one word that describes Pakistan in its truest essence it’s ‘astonishing’,” says Eva Zu Beck

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