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Fawad Khan and Mehwish Hayat in MS Marvel welcomed by Hollywood

Fawad Khan and Mehwish Hayat in MS Marvel

The most awaited series for comic or Marvel Universe fans is finally here with MS Marvel. It has many talented stars, especially from our own country, Pakistan. The author behind the comic series is Sana Amanat. She has co-written the web series alongside Bisha K. Ali. Apart from Canadian-Pakistani actor Iman Vellani, the cast of this web series includes Rishi Shah, Matt Lintz, Anjali Bhimani, Zenobia Shroff, Yasmeen Fletcher, Laurel Marsden, Mohan Kapoor, and others.

Two-time Oscar and three-time Emmy Award-winning director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, along with Meera Menon, Adil Al Arbi, and Bilal Fallah, are co-directing the project. Marvel always in the spotlight of winning heart all around the world through their super storyline from first avenger to Doctor Stranger and web series like Moon Knight, Loki and MS Marvel. Pakistani fan can’t get over how Marvel presenting us with our culture and tradition. From playing our singers’ songs like PECCHE HUT by Hassan Raheem to casting our great legends like Nimra Bucha and Samina Ahmad, the most exciting part of MS Marvel was when they introduced the characters of Fawad Khan and Mehwish Hayat in MS Marvel.

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Fawad Khan and Mehwish Hayat in MS Marvel made the whole Pakistani fandom proud, which in turn gave success to the show as per their rating. Recent episodes were totally owned by the ideas of Fawad Khan and Mehwish Hayat in MS Marvel. They won through their interaction for the first time on the big screen and debuted together in Hollywood.

Their moments, like romance and breathtaking acting, made fans crawl over their heels. Even Canadian youtuber quotes by saying, “This may be the best-looking (comeback or comedy) movie pair. Fawad Khan is attractive and handsome, while Mehwish Hayat is stunning and smiles charmingly. I’ve never seen a better-looking couple.”

They were portrayed as great grandparent of the main lead. With a coming-of-age story like this, Hayat is particularly excited about her “immortal” role, redefining how Pakistanis are often (mis)shown in the mainstream media. The fans finally got to see Fawad as Kamala Khan’s great grandfather, Hassan. The most exciting thing is Fawad’s sizzle chemistry with Mehwish Hayat, who plays his wife, Aisha.

The recent episode shows the backstory of Hassan and Aisha, who ended up falling in love and getting married. They welcome a baby girl, Kamala Khan’s Nani, Sana.

Even the main lead, Iman Vellani, quotes

“I grew up watching them and then I was like, ‘Work with them, they’re so nice. And just the fact that we are bringing together you know India and Pakistan just through the music and through our actors. We have scenes where there’s a Pakistani and [an] Indian, a British person, a Canadian person, and an American all on one screen. That’s so wonderful and that’s what our show is about.”

After the episodes of Fawad Khan and Mehwish Hayat in MS Marvel, they became stars to be questioned because of how exciting they were. In one interview, Mehwish Hayat said, “The MS Marvel made us visible in the eyes of the world. Ms. Marvel has shown the Pakistani side of their customs, tradition, and how much welcoming we are.

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While interviewing Hayat, the latest episode, “You’ll have to wait for another episode to find out more about her.” Hayat recalled that most of her scenes were shot in Thailand, while a few of them were in Pakistan. Further expanding on the “magical experience” of being a part of such a big production, she exclaimed, “I actually lost count of the nationalities that were part of creating this whole magical journey for people to experience. But it was literally a moment for me where I was sitting there and thinking, Wow, this is all real. This was a really fascinating experience for me.”

However, with Fawad Khan and Mehwish Khan in MS Marvel made many young talented actors and actress to dream about working in Hollywood like other Asian Actors and actresses working.

Fawad Khan and Mehwish Hayat in MS Marvel

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