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First Ever Electric Train in Lahore – Is it a Groundbreaking Infrastructure Development for Pakistan?

Pakistan’s first ever electric train in Lahore is all set and ready to run in Lahore, a city with almost 12 million population. This “Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT)” is part of the CPEC project and is a gift from China to Pakistan. the whole project is completed under the supervision of Chinese technology from designing to making the final product. The project was signed in 2015 has finally reached its conclusion.

Wang Xiaobing, the operator of the OLMT project says that these trains and the infrastructure is similar to the Chinese model and technology and will benefit people in the longer run.

Facilitating People’s Daily Lifestyle by First Ever Electric Train in Lahore

It is said that these trains are fully air-conditioned with a speed of 80km/h. The resources says that this project will benefit 250,000 passengers daily for their transport for 26 stations located in Lahore. The people involved in this project have tested the trains and their remarks about these trains’ interior and comfortable seating are so far so good.

Benefits of Metro Trains

Lahore is a densely populated city in Pakistan and the traffic gets really bad, especially at peak hours. Projects like metro trains or bus services give people relief from the troubles of traffic and reduce travel time from their daily commute. Moreover, there is no doubt that advanced public transport provides relief to a country’s economy in terms of petrol consumption and is environmentally friendly.

Lastly, the question of the already existing energy shortfall in Pakistan comes to mind when people think of electric metro trains. However, the energy houses are a big part of the CPEC project. Many of these houses are setup and many more are lined up for future development. Rest assured, this is a chance for Pakistan to develop in the infrastructure development arena and expand the project in other cities as well.

First Ever Electric Train in Lahore
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