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First ever State of the art Refrigerator Sea Water (RSW) fishing boat

Sea Water

There have been a lot of inventions throughout the world, whether if its organization sector or the entrepreneur ventures but we Pakistanis are considered to be underrated in many aspects. Pakistan had made a landmark achievement by building the state of the art “RSW” or the Refrigerator Sea Water fishing boat.

The new technology was built by the award winning engineer named Dr. Zahid Ayub and it was revealed at the presentation in the South Asian Association for Regional Corporation (SAARC). The president of the Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and vice president among others was present there during the time of presentations.

According to Dr. Zahid Ayub the contraption that innovated RSW system, sea water is cooled down to zero. It means the refrigerator on board keeps the aquatic life to zero degrees, keeping the fish fresh as a daisy, until the fish arrives at the harbor.

This technique would give benefit the fishermen in Pakistan and also changes their socio economic conditions by exporting fishes besides boosting the fishes more fresh. Because of the lack of advancements in technologies in the fishing sectors to keep the fish fresh, there had been the significant drop in export to the Europe and the union banned the trade of fishes in Pakistan.

Before the RSW Pakistani fisherman often relied on the uses of ice-block to preserve the freshness of the fishes. Because of the invention of the vehicle the quality of the food will be increased whether if its canned food or fish meal the new on-board system will be helpful to the industry and will bring the new prosperity to the fish industry.

Sea Water
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