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First Hijab Student is Enrolled at Oxford University

For Muslims all throughout the world, this is a source of inspiration. The first Hijab student is enrolled at Oxford University.

After 900 years of history, the first student wearing the Niqab enrolled at Oxford University. Oxford University has broken history by enrolling the first student to wear Niqaab since its inception in 1096. A British student from Pakistan enrolled in a Bachelor of Civil law, one of the most respected courses at Oxford University. The Niqab is a veil that covers the entire face of a Muslim woman and leaves little room near the eyes. Niqab is usually worn over the hijab.

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Research about veils

Dr Rehan Ismail Middle East Politics and Islamic Studies lecturer at the national university of Australia said that, Even Quran does not said precisely that its obligatory for Muslim women to wear nikab, still many Muslim women wear it because of their cultural and Islamic values.

Research author Dr Ozan Aksoy from the Department of Social Development at Oxford University, comments: The veil appears to be a true reflection of the woman’s religion. Ironically, it is the women who join the modern world who seem to rely on the veil to show others that they will not be overcome by the temptations of modern urban life. ‘

Professor Diego Gambetta, dean of Nuffield College, Oxford, and Professor of Social Theory at the European University Institute, adds: ‘Contrary to popular belief in Europe, coverage may be a sign of something else. There is little integration. Women who are very religious and have many indigenous friends and who live in areas dominated by indigenous peoples use the veil to maintain their sacred dignity while being reunited. Prohibiting or avoiding coverage would deprive them of the opportunity to allow for more opportunities to bond rather than mark their disagreements. ‘

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A study published in the journal, European Sociological Review, is considered to be the first study of why the wearing of a veil should be elevated in line with modernity. Researchers at the University of Oxford and the European University Institute examined previous mathematical models to see how the strength of the veil differed in terms of education of women, implementation, urbanization, and their connection with non-Muslims. The study included wearing headscarves, a hat or hijab, a chador, a burqa (covering the face again), and no covering at all on the head.

Research result shows that the influx of more Muslims into Western countries and the proliferation of violent Islamist groups have made young Muslims more vulnerable to hatred and discrimination, with veils covering the conflict. It concludes that such policy decisions may have negative consequences for reducing Muslim women to inclusion. It suggests that if they can show their commitment by wearing a veil they may be forced to stay at home.

Source of inspiration:

For Muslims all throughout the world, this is a source of inspiration. Despite of fact that her identity has not been declared in in public the good news has spread on social media. The image of her wearing a Niqab on social media has garnered a lot of popularity and positive comments from internet users who were amazed at her success. There is no doubt that his success can inspire Muslims around the world by proving that one can succeed in religion and the world without sacrificing one’s morals and values.

Oxford University, the oldest study seat in the UK, has long been home to many Muslim students coming to study from around the world. Many Muslim students say that they are amazed, and they thank the Oxford University for obliging their faith. In 1985 the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies (OCIS) was established to promote Islamic studies and the Islamic world, which played a key role in expanding the university’s educational base to unite Muslim communities outside the Middle East and, further, the study of Western Islamic studies.

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Bushra Luqman
Bushra Luqman
Bushra Luqman

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