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France BANNED Islamic Teaching for Muslim Children

France BANNED Islamic Teaching

In the past few years, France is going saving a spot in news for its ‘hurting Muslim population’ policies. President Emmanuel Macron is adamant about promoting Islamic separatism in France and now France BANNED Islamic Teaching for Muslim Children.

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Just like any smart country that invests in education for a permanent and effective change, Macron decided to implement Islamic separatism starting from schooling but in this case, the move is purely conservative – to ban home-schooling to prevent extremist Islamic teachings for Muslim children.

The bill publicized on November 18, 2020, says that home-schooling children about Islamic teaching will be banned and parents found ‘guilty’ of doing so will be punished. According to the government, this step will help to eradicate radicalism from the country. The bill reinforces France’s secular stance openly. Ignoring this could cost a penalty and punishment of up to six months imprisonment for the parents.

The government says this step is to reinforce every parent for enrolling their children in schools to get a better education. The focus of the bill is to reduce religious education in public education. The mosques need to show transparent funding especially if the fundings are overseas.

France’s government claims that the ban on home-schooling for Muslim children is put in action after seeing many Muslim parents resistance to sending their children to schools. Meanwhile, many Muslim families in France show concern and perceive this bill as an attack on Muslims.

Is this bill an attack on Muslims and an effort to contain their religious activities?

France BANNED Islamic Teaching
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