Friendship ended with Mudasir – Viral meme auctioned for PKR 86 crore

Who would have thought that a simple breakup between friends would help them earn PKR 86 crore. No doubt, the power of social media is transforming lives of the people. Public is using social media not only to connect with their friends and family but also to share their emotions.

One of such examples is a misunderstanding between two friends which led one of them to express his thoughts on Facebook and announcing that his Friendship ended with Mudasir. A heartbroken young man from Gujranwala posted a photoshopped image announcing his breakup with his ‘best friend’.

The supremacy of social media has brought revolution in the lives of social media users.  The recent developments in the field of information and technology has transformed the world into global village.

Similarly, on the other hand, it has also created a number of opportunities for the people. Social media has become a substantial tool for the getting news. However, the methods through which news items get fame on social media has become more interesting with the passage of time.

The social media users make interesting content intended at a particular news. Some create videos while other focus on text – based and picture – based content. Memes are also one of these tools which help spreading a particular news in a light -hearted manner.

Friendship ended with Mudasir is one of such examples which not only gave the creators, a lot of fame but also a good fortune. Friendship ended with Mudasir, now termed as meme, was primarily an announcement which was intended to inform people about the discontinuation of friendship between two best friends.

This announcement was made by a graphic designer based in Gujranwala named Muhammad Asif Ali Rana. Rana made this announcement on September 13, 2015.

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However, after almost 6 years, this announcement made a come back in the form of a meme. In no time, ‘Friendship ended with Mudasir’ became one of the most viral memes created by Pakistan. The meme became so popular that it was auctioned by an online platform Alter for 20 Ethereum tokens which are equivalent in value to approximately $51,776.

Muhammad Asif Raza Rana made this announcement regarding his friendship with best friend Mudasir Ismail Ahmed when he felt that his best friend is becoming selfish. While stating reasons for this turn in their friendship, Rana stated that he is ending friendship with best friend Mudasir because he is now becoming selfish and showing pride. Furthermore, he also showed concerns regarding the attitude problem of his former best friend.

Rana also announced that his new best friend is Salman Ahmad Naqash. The caption of the image shared by Rana, during the announcement, was even more interesting. He stated that ‘Those who show me attitude, I keep them under my foot’.

This announcement by Rana, with the help of a photoshopped image, received huge response from social media users.  56,000 social media users shared his photoshopped image while 47,000 social media users reacted to it. Moreover, 27,000 social media users commented on this image of Facebook.

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After the auction, this image is now owned by Formosa. The auction was held on Foundation which is considered to be the world’s largest platforms regarding NFT listings. NFT stands for non-fungible token. The purpose of NFT is to ensure that anyone can verify the authenticity and ownership of the content or asset.

Rana also expressed his feelings about the announcement come meme i.e. Friendship ended with Mudasir. He believes that it has made him famous all around the world in a weird way. He is also happy about the financial benefits bought by this development. He further thanked all the bidders who put big bids on his meme.

As per the sources, the auction has the potential to change life of this creator. The Foundation will share the proceeds of the auction with Alter and Rana. Rana will, certainly, be getting the highest share.

After the post getting viral, people are not only sharing it but also commenting on it on Rana’s Facebook profile. Thousands of people are commenting on his post and Rana is also receiving hundreds of friend requests due to this Friendship ended with Mudasir meme. This announcement come meme has made him pretty famous among the social media users. Multiple users are commenting on his post to show solidarity and symphathize with him.

While many others are criticizing him for being a hypocrite. It is expected that Rana will soon release a video sharing the story of him becoming friends with Ahmed. The friendship between Rana and Mudasir may have ended but it gave those memories and fame that would last till many years.

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