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Qualities of Serpentine stone

Whether you call it superstition, belief or fashion but people in Pakistan have huge interest in wearing stones. These colorful stones embedded in rings or lockets add glamour to the personality of the one wearing them as well as, according to their belief, also bring good luck to them. Moreover, these stones are believed to be helpful in protecting individuals from negative energies while in some cases they have been used to nullify the impact of such dark energies. One of such stones is the ‘Serpentine stone’ which is quite popular among people due to its number of qualities.

Qualities of Serpentine stone

Serpentine stone is actually a magnesium silicate mineral. This dense and heavy – fibrous form stone resembles snakes in terms of appearance. Perhaps this is the reason that it is named as ‘Serpentine stone’. The color scheme of this stone ranges from yellowish-greens to deep greens and to even black. Although this stone is available all around the globe however, it is most commonly found in UK, USA, South Africa and Brazil. In some of the countries, this stone is also popular with the name “New Jade”, “Olive Jade” and “Snake Jade”. Etc.

Serpentine stone offers a number of benefits to the people wearing or using it. Be it the negative effects of evil eye, poisonous bite of an insect or pimples on your skin; Serpentine stone is believed to cure them all. It is supposed that serpentine stone can neutralize the negative effects of bad amulets or wrong doings. It can also save the individuals from evil spells and black magic if they are using this stone.

It is also considered to be useful in order to develop and maintain a healthy flow of energy in an individual, both physically and emotionally. Here, just like the name, the characteristics of serpentine stones can also be found similar to that of a snake. In some cultures, snake is also admired as a symbol of good health. A continuous phenomenon from snake’s life is that it sheds old skin and emerges again as fresh and new. Similarly, Serpentine stone also plays an important role in restoring energy of the individuals and replenish cells in the human body.

Serpentine stone possess enormous medical qualities. It can cure a person after the bite of a poisonous insect. By applying powder of this stone to the affected area, the individual can be saved from swelling and pain after a venomous bite. It can even help individuals getting rid of pimples. Applying this powder to the pimpled area can help people getting pimple-free clear skin. Gums disease which is also known as periodontal disease can also be cured with the magical properties of this stone. The patient just needs to brush his teeth with the powder of Serpentine stone and can feel the difference. These are certainly some of the very few qualities believed to be possessed by this magical stone. If you have ever used Serpentine stone and experienced any change within or around yourself, do share with us in the comment section!

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