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Google Error | Something went wrong with Google across the World

December 14, 2020, Google and its related apps’ online services faced disruption and were inaccessible to users worldwide. The apps and services that were not working for consumers were Maps, Gmail, docs and slides, calendar, Meet, and YouTube for 45 minutes.

A similar disruption was seen in the middle of this year – August. It was also disrupting the services in various parts of the world.

What Google has to say about this disruption?

Google spokesperson says that the problems occurred due to internal storage quota issues. People faced problems while logging in during this time. However, the issue was resolved within an hour. He apologized for the trouble and added that a detailed review of the issue to avoid similar problems in the future.

During the pandemic, where almost all of the services are transferred to the online medium, and students and office workers are dependent more on online services like Google, it was a sudden meltdown for everyone. Students, most importantly who had online classes on Google platforms, were happy. Whereas, some had to face difficulties because of their online exams or meetings. Of course, at a time like this, everyone took the route to Twitter.

Of course, when we say twitter, it means memes, on every current issue. People could not refrain from meme culture during this time.

It is not clear what went wrong but the issue was resolved as soon as possible with the statement that further a thorough inquiry will be done to avoid such problems in the future.

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