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How 4th Industrial Revolution Changes the World?

We are living in the era of innovations and ideas where the machines and Artificial Intelligence (AI) made the lives of mankind easier and more soothing. With the brink of technological advancement that shaped the mankind of its very existence, the 4th industrial revolution represents the political, social and economic revolution that changed 21st century. Digital revolution is invented to keep the prosperity at its peak.

Like previous revolutions where humans took small steps from steam to productions of the current digital era like artificial intelligence, “AR”, “VR”, robotics and “3D”. With new technologies and inventions there are variety of choices to select several gadgets and platforms.

4th Industrial Revolution
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Types of industrial revolutions

Throughout the annals of history human beings went through majority of changes during the evolution of time and life styles, also the dependence of technology has increased. People used technologies with some aspects in their daily lives but there were limitations of when to use the certain items like cameras, because it consists of reel rather than memory card.

Here are some industrial revolutions that happened throughout the human history:

First industrial revolution STEAM 1765

The first revolution is called the steam revolution which was the prototypical industrial era that kick-started the invention of the proverbial steam engine and also the innovation of coal. The biggest reason that started this era was the invention of mechanization. It was the reason why it became the backbone of the economy.

Second industrial revolution ELECTRICITY 1870s

The success of the steam revolution came at the century later; it started the new era what we now call it the electricity era. With the massive technological advancements in the field, industries helped the emerging sources to produce new fuels like gas and oil.

The results will arise to new creation of the internal combustion engine and other inventions like chemical synthesis and communication methods. The second industrial revolution is the most important part of this revolution; because it has given arise of new machines like automobiles and planes.

Third industrial revolution COMPUTING 1969

Another century passed and the new innovation to the third revolution is at the horizon. The 3rd revolution arises with the new technologies like computers and telecommunications, the new technologies gave the gateway to the new expeditions like space research and bio technologies. The two major inventions that happened in this revolutions were robotics and programmable logic controllers.

4th industrial revolution INTELLIGENCE

4th industrial revolution is the most important one, because it revolutionized the world as we know it and changed the many aspects of human’s life. Innovations have exceeded the expectations of many human lives like artificial intelligence, “AR”, “VR”, robotics and “3D” printers.

The automation and self-driving cars made the life of the people much easier and accessible beyond imaginations. With the inventions of block-chains and digital currencies, you don’t need to access the bank with the currency note etc. The main invention from this timeline is the internet and how it bridged the gap of the long distance where we are interacting with everyone beyond our reach.

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