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Immersive Networks aligns to connect the entertainment and cryptocurrency communities

There has been different news regarding cryptocurrencies and how many companies are willing to invest or buy the online currency at the height of the popularity of the cryptocurrency. So on April 2, 2021, the company named “Immersive networks” which deals with the utilization of the block-chain to innovate and enable the new era of immersive technology.

The organization has just secured $50 million through the new medium called the “Star-port” platform. This may be the most pivotal movement for the entertainment and media organizations, production houses and the crypto investors who provides the information, knowledge and also the content to the masses.

Funding from the platform “Star-port” will directly go through the organization and then it will fund the immersive project which includes the new project of a hybrid style of interactive style with the storytelling perspective of films and new technologies. The technology also featured the new and improved innovations to give you more immersive experience than ever before, where it will have full adoption to the entire medium of entertainment digital view.

The immersive view will begin the initiative at the post-pandemic, with this initiative this platform will also provide millions new jobs. Following the launch of the “Star-port” platform, the organization will launch the chain company as it has acquired a million digital currencies to enable the flow of entertainment to block-chain.

The platform called “Star-port” will be a home to the plethora of content where the funds will give to the Artificial Intelligence location based on the platforms mostly on the gaming perspective of the E-sports and different contents that are to be announced later this year.

About the organization

The organization is an oracle community that focuses on building block-chains and organizes the new brands of interactives and leisure arts. It establishes disorder location and time intervals. The cryptocurrency will acts as a token or passport if you will have to enter the platform and then enjoy the experience.


This platform will act as the “Launchpad” for the “Block-chain” community creativities sponsored by the business of the mass buying and selling of the currencies. This digital platform was developed by the “GEBO” group, decorum of cryptocurrencies that will be accessible by these digital passports.

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