“Imported Government” function in Pakistan’s current political environment

Imported Government

Have you ever come across the term “Imported Government” in history? No, you heard import and know about government. However, imported government as a whole is a coinage. PTI followers first used this term in early April when Imran Khan went through vote of no confidence. It means foreign-backed-up government. The term vividly reflects the conflict between two opposition parties that is PTI and PDM. 

PDM is a coalition of PPP, PMLN and JUI. PDM formed against Khan’s government and acclaimed that Khan was poorly managing the country. While, Khan was in opinion that he was working day in and day out to pay debts which Pakistan has taken in the past. 

With imported government, country has been facing extreme price hike. Day to day necessities are out of reach for a common man and the worst time period in life with the imported government. Petrol price increases every week as Saif ur Rehman discuss one of his article that federal government increased petroleum prices that is Rs.15 – 18 per liter in last week. Now the current price, “Started from July 1, now the price of petrol Rs248.74/liter, diesel will be Rs276.54/liter, kerosene oil will be sold for Rs230.26/liter, and the price of light diesel oil be Rs226.15/liter.”

Not only this, the imported government decided to control the consumption of drugs.  The term drug is used here for tea, because in Pakistani households tea is served every now and then. During breaks in school, colleges and workplaces people love to consume tea. Tea is considered an escape to avoid worry, exhaustion and even pain. In past few years, it is observed that Chaaye Khanas have been opened at multiple places. Besides, Quetta Café and small dhabas on the road sides are also serving tea. Somebody wittily puts,

سب ہی غموں کی ہائے لایا ہوں

اہل غم بیٹھو میں چائے لایا ہوں

On Tuesday, 14th of June, Pakistan’s Federal minister of planning requested Pakistanis to reduce the consumption of tea, because Pakistan also borrows money for the tea. For past many days, the thought is quite trending, and one of the Pakistan’s universities NUML take it quite seriously. NUML issued a circular in the last week of June and ordered Cafe owner to replace Tea with Lassi and Sattu.

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One of the other unfortunate events happen in this time is the price hike of paper. The price of paper gets quite increased, and the publishing houses stop publishing books. In this regard, the packer staff claims the raw paper prices increases up to 14% which is quite a big number, and it is difficult for publishing houses to publish books. As on June 24, wionews published, “Paper prices hits Pakistan, publishers say no books for new academic session.” The shortage of books is a slow poison which slowly eats away the country. As Saladin puts, “If you want to destroy a nation without war destroy its education”.

Additionally, Imran Khan during his tenure has introduced different programs for the public. For instance; he opened Langar Khany, rest houses for poor, introduces Ehsas programs and scholarships. Additionally, during his tenure, he promoted IT industry. Unfortunately, imported government has ceased most of the projects and claims Pakistan do not have enough capital to run those projects, whenever a new administration takes office, stop all of the previous administration’s schemes which is happening from the day when Pakistan came into existence. Furthermore, the current government also acclaimed Khan did injustice with Pakistan’s assets and sold three expensive watches during his prime minister ship. This information is disclosed by one of the Instagram blogs named Propergaanda on 30th of June. With all these threatening issues what is PM Shehbaz Sharif is doing? He is inaugurating metro buses in Pakistan with the facilitation of China. Kashif Abbasi in his dawn article states, “with 12 of the 30 metro buses requisitioned from China have reached the capital on Saturday.”

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Summing up the discussion, the little efforts count. Surely, the reduction in in-taking tea helps to save economy. Besides, what do you think: What good imported government or any other government is giving to you? At this time, Pakistan is in dire need of education and practical learning. Government should have to make long term plans and to impart skill based learning, so instead of importing, the youth would be able to make the entire things indigenously. Now the ball in your coat: being a Pakistani citizen sit and calmly think what are governments doing for you? How many facilities you are getting? And how can you contribute your part during the tenure of imported government or any other government?

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