Friday, March 31, 2023

In the heart of Rawalpindi Raja Bazar, a fire broke out in Urdu Bazar back of Lal Haveli

A major fire broke out in Rawalpindi’s famous Urdu Bazar, engulfing a large area. This part of the bazaar is not far from Lal Haveli (Sheikh Rasheed Residency), where this dangerous fire broke out. The fire erupted unexpectedly in the afternoon.

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According to one of the locals, the fire was started by a short circuit in one of the book stores, which caused the fire to damage one of the bikes. Because of the severity of the fire, weakly constructed buildings are demolished and due to the congested area of Raja Bazaar, fire brigade vehicles had a difficult time reaching the ignited area, arriving 30 minutes after the fire began.

According to reports, more than 20 firefighters, as well as the WASA management water unit, assisted in putting out the fire. More than 20 shops have been reduced to ashes, and one person has injured while millions of rupees worth of cotton and paper burnt into ashes. The officials says that Fire brigade personnel are still engaged in cooling down, but most of the fire has been contained.

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