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In the midst of anti-army rhetoric, Pakistan government is pushing back on online campaigns

Pakistan government is pushing back on online campaigns

The Pakistan Investigation Agency is after those promoting inappropriate content on the internet against the Pakistan Army. Pakistan government is pushing back on online campaigns because there is much ongoing content going against the powerful country’s army chief, Qamar Bajwa. According to such promoters, it is said that the Chief was precisely behind no-vote confidence even though he denied such rumors by saying that he has no inference in the politics.

Many posts online showing that COAS is the reason why Imran Khan has been removed from his government. Pakistan government is pushing back on online campaigns by searching every user through their IP addresses. Apart from serious matters, there are many memes that have been created since this matter was issued.

According to a national daily, since this issue of the new government has been raised, Twitter has been raised with the most tweets saying, “Imported government not acceptable” both in English and Urdu languages. According to the recorded index by the Twitter of most tweets, there are 17 million tweets have been generated from every home of Pakistani.

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Which, as a result, has given a pretty bad impression of the Shahbaz Shareef government around the world. Pakistan government is pushing back on online campaigns, especially against such tweets against the anti-army and the new government.

Pakistan government is pushing back on online campaigns that were initiated by Imran Khan, saying “Not Acceptable.”, also trended online and the ongoing party or government accused PTI of going powerfully on social media through fake accounts.

Sadaf Khan, the co-founder of Media Matters for Democracy, stated about the fake accounts, “You will see that there are a very small number of accounts that are responsible for generating the bulk of the tweets.”

She also stated, “The same accounts are among the top contributors of different hashtags, which are running the same narrative. It cannot be called evidence because there has not been a published study on it, but there are indications that it is inauthentic, coordinated activity around the hashtag.”

Even though PTI activists on social media claimed by clearing their sides by saying that every account of PTI supporters is generating organic content and making trends till now date.

The Army has also continuously stated that the Army is neutral for both the PTI government and the PDM government. They do not stand on one side. PDM was the opposition led by three major parties which mainly include PML-N, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and other parties also.

Pakistan government is pushing back on online campaigns saying that Imran Khan is running out of favor with Chief Qamar Bajwa, which is why he is no longer Prime Minister of Pakistan and is still facing many rulings against him in the court like foreign funding cases etc.

A spokesperson of the PPP Pakistan People Party said, “It is disturbing that in a short span of time, nearly one thousand cases have been registered against social media platforms.”

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Nighat Daad, executive director of the Digital Rights Foundation, also stated, “Social media is not entertainment anymore. There’s a strong political movement happening here before the elections,”

“But this is a democracy, not a dictatorship. There should be a process that has to be followed. “Daad said.

Pakistan government is pushing back on online campaigns by arresting many online activists and senior reporters. Most famously, Arshad Sharif, Imran Riaz Khan, and Sabir Shakir.  The release Ammad Yousaf, the senior executive of Ary News, came forward saying that police raided his home and arrested him just because he interviewed Shahbaz Gill a member of the PTI party.

Though the new government promotes freedom of speech. Shahbaz Gill remarks about the Army and the new government leading into the pit of court cases that can be considered treason and lead to the death penalty.

After Pakistan government is pushing back on online campaigns and arrested reporters around the country, reporters from outside the border came forward and condemned the act of arresting reporters, and TV channels were suspended and also accusing Pakistan’s strongest army of being behind all these acts.

“The same crude censorship and harassment of journalists critical of the government keeps on recurring,” said Daniel Bastard, the head of the group’s Asia-Pacific desk.

Even ARY also claimed that they had no intention of blaming the army for anything via Gill’s interview.

Pakistan’s government is pushing back on online campaigns and also has caught the attention of the Army’s top command. The Army’s spokesperson said on Thursday that “rumors and propaganda campaigns won’t be allowed.”

“An organized, malicious propaganda movement is being run against the armed forces of Pakistan and its leadership,” the army’s spokesperson, General Babar Iftikhar, told reporters. “Constructive criticism is acceptable, but conspiring through rumor -mongering and [indulging in] baseless character assassination is not acceptable at all.”

Pakistan government is pushing back on online campaigns

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