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Incredible Launch of NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud for Building and Operating Industrial Metaverse Applications and Metaverse App

The growing popularity of the metaverse has given a new direction to many tech companies. NVIDIA is one of these companies to step foot in the metaverse by launching its first omniverse cloud for its functioning.


NVIDIA is an AI technology and computer graphics company that was founded in 1993. With the invention of GPU in 1999, NVIDIA started a revolution in the PC gaming industry with their refined computer graphics. This progress led the company to modern AI and its use in computer gaming. After making a name, NVIDIA is now developing CPU, DPU, and AI software.

Other than gaming and computers, its software is also used in automobile vehicles and factories. Moreover, it is also taking part in the metaverse by investing in the development of omniverse cloud services including omniverse cloud computers, NVIDIA OVX, NVIDIA HGX and the NVIDIA graphics delivery network. The company is focused on designing and operating virtual worlds with its omniverse cloud.

What is an Omniverse Cloud?

Omniverse cloud launched by NVIDIA is a system of cloud services for AI software developers, graphic designers, artists, and business teams to shape the metaverse app. Currently, the programs and applications on the omniverse cloud include the omniverse farm, omniverse replicator, and omniverse nucleus cloud. Omniverse farm allows the users to form a system layer for 3D workload, whereas, omniverse replicator is for computer systems and robotics to replicate and memorise the 3D synthetic data. Lastly, an omniverse nucleus cloud connects all the users, developers, and designers to work together from different parts of the world.

The omniverse cloud is an opportunity for users to start their metaverse journey and advance in metaverse technologies and services. In general, people need to invest some amount – either small or large – to build something on the metaverse. However, the omniverse cloud allows users that can develop the technology to build on their own without investing.

“It should make it more democratized. It should make it cheaper, and more scalable. But it probably won’t do everything you would eventually necessarily want to do.” – J.P. Gownder, an analyst at Forrester Research

Omniverse Cloud Services

Nucleus Cloud Gives 3D designs and opportunity for teams to collaborate by working on live edits from all around the world.
App Streaming Users can stream and review the app for different functions they want to perform.
Omniverse FarmEnables users and companies to connect multiple clouds to perform tasks like data generation
ReplicatorIt allows the users and companies to perform data analysis to increase the ease of collecting data and performing based on perceptions
Isaac SimIt is an application that generate tool to power virtual environment based on omniverse cloud software and robots.

Omniverse Cloud and Global Brands

Even though omniverse cloud is in its initial phases but it has been making a lot of progress and gaining popularity. Many global brands and companies have jumped on the bandwagon of omniverse cloud to experience modern technological advancements and incorporate them into the company to sustain market competition. WPP Communication Company which is the world’s biggest global marketing organization has launched their marketing services on the omniverse cloud.

It was the first company to launch itself on omniverse to develop itself as an automotive brand. The chief of technology at WPP, Stephen Pretorious, in a conversation, talked about the benefits of omniverse cloud as a sustainable and low-emission production for the customers. It seems like a good deal for the customers and the company as the value of content creation has increased in the past few years and omniverse cloud technology can revolutionize the content creation industry.

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Siemens, another well-reputed company known for its hardware and software development signed a partnership with omniverse cloud. This gives a marketing opportunity for Siemens to build an infrastructure together for a better outcome.

RIMAC, an electric vehicle company also signed a partnership with omniverse cloud for marketing reasons. Moreover, the omniverse cloud allows RIMAC to connect an end-to-end automotive pipeline to form a link between the design of the product and its marketing.

The engineering teams will be able to concentrate on designing the automobile model itself and spend less time on the nuances of complicated 3D design workflows thanks to the omniverse cloud’s efficiency and flexibility. Additionally, the 3D car configuration experience opens up countless customization options without the need to manually work on each layer, which saves both time and money.

Industrial Metaverse

Metaverse is a new opportunity to revolutionize the internet as well as industrial growth. Many global brands have already started to form deals and partnerships with the omniverse cloud to promote their brands and improve productivity. Omniverse cloud has made it easier for brands and companies to perform many functions like creation, marketing, designing, etc. It allows industries to step foot into designing products that were not possible before due to a lack of infrastructure and technology.

The omniverse cloud SaaS is offering to make use of Geforce Now technology. It was recently released by NVIDIA in precisely 100 nations in the world. Companies can now benefit from several omniverse functions, such as AI and physics simulation, without the need for a conventional device that takes too much power.

Apart from the huge success of software in the omniverse cloud, it has also shown variations and modifications in the hardware to run its computing platform and system. The systems that have been revealed by NVIDIA are given below:

  • RTX computers that are used for design
  • OVX servers to run digital simulations
  • Graphics Delivery Network that works as a gate or portal to omniverse cloud

It is to be noted that all the hardware has been developed keeping the developers, designers, and users in mind. Designers and creators were considered while designing the RTX computers. They are capable of real-time 3D model viewing and editing to ease the designers and creators.

For instance, the framework enables the creation of digital twins by telecommunications corporations. This will help the companies to easily plan and build their networks using the system in a regulated 3D environment. The demonstration of the first national-scale digital twin being developed by Digital Rail Germany was tested and shown by omniverse cloud. This will put train operations on a new roadmap by stimulating operations across the nation and optimising infrastructure.

What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin refers to the replication of a physical product, procedure, or service in the digital world with the same qualities. It is basically a digital representation of a real-world object, such as a jet engine, windmill, car, building, or even larger objects like building an entire colony or a city. This is used to replicate the process to test their performance and quality before real-life production. For example, replicating Burj e Khalifa in the metaverse exactly as it is in reality. The Burj e Khalifa present in the virtual world or the metaverse will be called a digital twin of the real piece.

Benefits of Omniverse Cloud in Operating Industrial Metaverse

Businesses can create physically realistic, AI-enabled virtual simulations that are fully synced with reality. These digital twins are revolutionising industries, giving way to new scientific research, and providing developers, researchers, and businesses with superpowers by enabling them to design, simulate, and optimise goods, machinery, and procedures in real time before they are ever put into production.

The use of the metaverse means that the marketing and designing of products like cars, furniture, homes, and other building blocks can use the 3D workflow and twin stimulations, which will become an important aspect of future industries. NVIDIA enables the connections of these services using the omniverse cloud and transforming it into applications that can be used by users and working teams from all over the world to experience interactive 3D internet.

The utilization of digital twins can save money and energy for industries. As the digital twin or replicated product can be tested in the virtual world, before its production in the real world, it can allow the developers to observe the defects, missing pieces, and design model just like it would appear in the real world. This way, corrections can be made to achieve perfect-looking and functioning products, saving the cost of production that is used in trial and error.

How will the Omniverse Cloud affect the Future?

The use of 3D technology will allow people to save their time and invest it in other inventions and productions. The future will look different with 3D technology at hand as it will allow people to alter the course of events. The intelligence is predicted to increase. Similarly, the rate of production will also increase by cutting the manual replication of products.

However, this replication can affect human creativity and uniqueness in the craft. This can also create too much dependency on AI and technological devices instead of learning art and craft by putting in effort and investing time. Moreover, the increased rate of production in the omniverse cloud can positively influence the global economy if all nations are kept in the loop of development. Otherwise, it can increase the economic gap between the developed and developing countries of the world.

Omniverse Cloud

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