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India’s False Flagship Operation against Pakistan – What Imran Khan has to Say

Pakistan warns the International Community about India’s false flagship operation against Pakistan to shift the focus from the on-going internal crisis in India. PM Imran Khan warns the international community that Pakistan will tolerate this rouge behavior from India and will respond to all the threats.

India’s False Flagship

A few days ago, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in a press conference in Abu Dhabi talks about India’s plan to conduct a flagship operation against Pakistan. He says this information is gathered by Pakistan’s intelligence forces. Another move against Pakistan is in line to shift the attention from India’s internal crisis and Kashmir issue that is collecting internal media coverage now.

Qureshi says that increasing internal conflicts in India like Farmers’ protests, pressure from the opposition, international community’s pressure over Kashmir cruelty, minority oppression, failing policies of the government are adding up to the problems of India. Pakistan being the scapegoats for India for decades, India will use this chance to launch a false operation on Pakistan. the sole purpose of this operation will be to divert the attention of Indians and the international world toward the hot conflict.

Prime Minister Imran Khan condemns this behavior and India’s disrespect toward international norms set by the international community for this region. These acts of terror are a threat to international law and should not be overlooked just like this. PM added that India is involved in around 3000 ceasefire violations on LOC that resulted in casualties, including children, women, and common people living around the area.

Meanwhile, FM Qureshi says that Pakistan Army is on high alert and is ready to tackle any attack from India. Pakistan would never initiate an attack but will never sit quietly in face of encroachment or attack. Just like before, Pakistan will unmask India’s evil plans to defame Pakistan and protect the country with all force.

False Flagship
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