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India’s Propaganda against Pakistan – Disinfolab Report Exposes the Truth

India’s Propaganda against Pakistan

India’s Propaganda against Pakistan | EU Disinfolab exposes India’s network of fake online media to distort Pakistan’s image internationally. Most of these fake media outlets are linked to the Indian business group – Srivastava Group with the support of ANI. working in Geneva. The report identifies various groups spreading fake and malicious news against Pakistan on international forums. Disinfolab report identifies:

  • Misinformation about Pakistan
  • Fake websites
  • Fake journalists
  • Fake news that influences international policymakers to decide in favor of India
  • Pro-India news articles from these fake websites
India’s Propaganda against Pakistan
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What does Pakistan have to say over this Indian propaganda?

The Foreign Office condemns India’s efforts to destroy Pakistan’s image with such malicious tactics. Zahid Hafeez, the FO spokesperson, says these attempts reflect India’s obsession with Pakistan and these efforts will not result in success for India as Pakistan has evidence on India’s illogical activitites in Pakistan and promoting terrorist activities.

The report Indian Chronicles reveals India’s aim to de-establish Pakistan and nations who conflict with India. The fake media network maligns Pakistan and supports India to present a positive image to the world to gain support from International forums i.e. the European Union and the United Nations. This network is doing its work in around 116 countries. Though the report does not mention the name of any specific Indian agency but identifies ANI, Srivastava Group, and Indian government involvement.

Till now India is refusing these claims and reporting them as false accusations by Pakistan to slander India’s image in the world. However, the report has provided irrefutable evidence and Pakistan claims to have solid proofs as well. Let’s see what will this case unfolds for the future of Pakistan and India.

Is this an attempt to start a 5th generation warfare with Pakistan?

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