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Iran Spy TV Show: The role of “Gando” Chronicles in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

There has been a lot of buzz about this series that taken the entertainment world by storm. The series is named “Gando” (the Balochi word for the freshwater crocodile that inhabits the Indian subcontinents of southern Iran). This series has been generated a lot of controversy during the second season of the series. The series has taken the approach of both a political thriller and a spy thriller to the lore of storytelling.

What is the series about?

Like I said the series is a political thriller and spy thriller all mashed into one media to tell the lore of storytelling purpose? It basically tells us the story of the conflict of organizations on how it pits Iranian organizations versus the western agencies. The spies are infiltrating the country to gather confidential documents and top secrets documents from the organizations.

It was a middle of controversy when it has to show the politics of the Iranian government, which was garnering controversy from the get-go. A country like Iran is mostly famous for censoring the media and entertainment industry and mind you it is censored heavily by the government to avoid controversies. There are 2 seasons of this series, where season 2 has 13 episodes these episodes are aired on “” which is their version of “YouTube”.

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Heavy censorship:

The heavy censorship of the content is a factor for a country like Iran where the government and people who are controlling it have to reduce the scene to avoid controversy from any kind of body that oversees it. The cinema of Iran which is considered to be critically acclaimed of the world cinema also plagued with it, the directors are given very little to work with without adding much more to the lore of storytelling.

There was a lot of outrage from the masses that the dialogues have been removed or blurred out and blamed on the government. The first season was an example of it when the western spy who bears the striking resemblance of their captive Jason Rezaian was released in 2016 after spending 18 months in an Iranian prison for the accusation of espionage and sabotage. Over its two-season course, the series exposed the flaws of the different ruling classes of the upper hierarchy of the systems.

The last two episodes were heavily censored and had an abrupt ending, also the series was pulled out permanently by the network executives, which started an outrage for the audience. A huge amount of fingers had been pointed towards the government for the censorship and cancellation of the series but the government denied the involvement of any reason whatsoever.

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