Friday, March 17, 2023

Is Amazon Coming to Pakistan?

Amazon is ready to set a team for Amazon Data Services in Pakistan to enable its cloud computing in Pakistan. the step was taken after worldwide disruption in the company with most of its impact in the US and Pakistan. SECP says that Paul Andrew Macpherson will be the CEO of the office in Pakistan along with Shoaib Munir as a director.

Amazon spokesperson talked about getting a public policy specialist on board for the Pakistan branch with the aim of maintaing cloud adoption admist of political and policy blockers.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication is busy making cloud policy to adapt to the needs of Amazon and utilize its potential. However, the protection of data will be a concern for Amazon. Therefore, Amazon Web Service (AWS) is taking an active interest in revising the policies related to e-commerce put forward by Pakistan.

#Amazon in Pakistan Trending

This trend on Twitter shows Pakistan’s wish for Amazon to launch its service in Pakistan as soon as possible.

However, Jeff Bezos and Amazon team has not given any statement regarding this. Amazon is serving in around 16 countries including India. They have also launched franchises of the brand i.e. Amazon Food and Apollo Pharmacy. These investments worth $100 million and are boosting India’s e-economy.

Amazon In Pakistan can boost Pakistan’s economy, especially in the e-commerce sector. The government needs to put in serious efforts and work to make it happen in Pakistan soon.

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