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Is Metaverse Gaming Going to Turn Us All into Gamers?

You must be aware of purchasing and selling lands, and getting profits out of it in day to day life. But have you ever thought to purchase lands in virtual space, and getting real profits out of it. Sounding fake? But my dear, these hyper-real things are happening in meta-verse games. 

So, what is Metaverse?

Meta means “itself” and “verse” is a short form used for universe to combine it with Meta. So, it can be said that metaverse is a creation of universe itself.

Then, the question might arise in your mind, what is difference between universe and metaverse? Universe is created by the Supreme Being. While the metaverse, is a creation of the slave, of the Supreme being that are human beings. It is virtual in nature, but it is world like. In metaverse, you can connect with people, purchase and sell lands, start your own club and do any sort of thing you do in the real world. It can be said the metaverse is a hyper-real version of the truth.

What is Metaverse Gaming?

It can be said that Metaverse Gaming is the real life version of Harry Potter fantasy. It virtually sends players to the 3D hyper-real existence.

Metaverse gaming is giving you a wide choice to opt any profession of your choice. In metaverse gaming, you can create your farms and grow plants and vegetables of your choice. Additionally, you can act like Elon Musk, and make aliens of different planets to cast vote. Not only this, you have also power to buy and sell stars.

Weird Thing about Metaverse:

In metaverse, people own money the real capital which you use in daily life. The currency of metaverse games is “bitcoins”. Additionally, the whole game is structured on block chain. And you have power to withdraw that money into your local bank.

Trending Metaverse Games:

With every passing day, metaverse games are becoming trendy. The reason behind popularity of the metaverse games is that it generates the real life capital.

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List of the Metaverse Games Popular Among People:

  1. Lost:

As the name reflects Lost will help you to lose all the tensions you come across in your life. Lost is a metaverse game, and a real escape. Through its engaging content, riddles, puzzles and jokes one can easily forget the exhaustion of life. The best thing about Lost is it is not only present in hyper-real world rather you can get enrolled into it in real world as well. Additionally, a special version of Lost is created for children too.

  1. Decentraland:

The name of the game itself is quite challenging. Through the name you can get the idea that metaverse gaming is decentralizing the idea of centralized and coherent world. Rather, it invokes the very postmodern and Derridean notion of deconstruction. The name strengthen Derridean logic where truth is there is no truth.

Additionally, it is Play to Earn game. It is also negating the idea that for success hardworking and no play is the key. Rather, it communicates the notion that you can earn money through gaming, music and all other sort of things. This game is solely based on Ethereum blockchain and cryptocurrency. Also, for purchasing and selling official currency of the game is supported only which is Mana.

  1. Cybertrade:

Cyber means related to computers and trade is commonly known as an act of buying and selling. This is again Play to Earn game, but this game is bit exceptional. In this game, you sell your fighting skills and earn cybercash. Cybercash is currency based on Binance. This game is making people violent. To win the cyber cybercash, people are transcending all the boundaries of sanity

  1. Gala Games:

Another Play to Earn Game is Gala Games. This is also wholly powered on blockchain and Ethereum. In the game, players own all the elements present within the game and own those items as assets.

Is Metaverse Gaming the Future?

Since the birth of Adam, human beings are looking for Holy Grail that would resolve their issues. With every new innovation in the technology, the previous technologies are threatened. According to the intense observation and study of history, metaverse gaming would be, no doubt, one of the leading industries of the age. People all around the globe would try to be a part of center and that is metaverse gaming by the end of decade. It offers golden future, but still there is a lot who would deny its importance as was the case with mobile phones, computers and multiple myths regarding 5G internet. Obviously those people will miss the benefits of the field.

But the Holy Quran says:

وَتُعِزُّ مَن تَشَاءُ وَتُذِلُّ مَن تَشَاءُ


“جسے تو چاہتا ہے عزت دیتا ہے اور جسے تو چاہے ذلیل کرتا ہے”

The reason of putting this Ayah over here is that everything is temporary, even this metaverse gaming. Something new will overpower Meta gaming too.

Capping up the discussion, human being is a mad creation. He thinks he can do everything and anything. This is why he is creating things that might replace human beings one day. Metaverse gaming is one among that. It is complexed enough to drive nuts to a layman. Besides, it is piece of cake for tech geeks. And yes, metaverse gaming is going to turn not all, but most people to gamers, and yes one day something else will replace it!

Metaverse Gaming

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