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Is the Future Economic Solution for Our Youth is E-Commerce and Digital Marketing?

Have you ever come across the term e-commerce and digital marketing? Absolutely not, but you are a student worrying about your semester fee. Yeah? Oh yes, you are an entrepreneur with zero investment or new in marketing agency with zero experience? Do you want to earn immediately without any major investment? Hi, stop! Read this. This is written for you!

Aren’t you thrilled to know the secret of earning money without zero investment? Absolutely yes, zero investment! For that matter you need to understand E-commerce and Digital Marketing, and the connection between two. 


What is E-Commerce and Digital Marketing?

You are unaware of E-commerce, but surely you have idea about commerce. Commerce is the term used to discuss trade i.e., buying/ selling or import/export.  For example: You have rice fields, and you run home by selling that rice. This means you are trading or in commerce field. But how do people know you have rice fields? You market about your rice fields.

You invite your friends and neighbors over tea and tell them you are selling best quality rice. This is called marketing. The traditional way of commerce is to purchase a land/shop, furnish that, purchase things in bulk and sell that. Besides, the traditional way of marketing is making banners, panaflexes, billboards or advertising through digital media such as run ads on TV channels.

The internet has made things handy for you. The E of E-commerce allows you to make your virtual shop where you can sell anything. It could be your skill or any other product. The D of Digital Marketing allows you to talk about your product with your family, friends and others without investment. Social Media is giving you ample platforms to market your product. You talk about your product on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more.

Why You Need to Learn About E-Commerce and Digital Marketing?

The world is rapidly evolving. 21st century is the age of technology. It is necessary to get understand digitization to compete the world. You must be aware of the story of Nokia. We all know Nokia very well, being a child we played infinite games on it, but the question is why did giant like Nokia fail? Because, Nokia did not accept change, and resisted to convert its mechanism on Android. Gradually, the giant become a failure. You don’t want to be Nokia, Do you?

Where to Learn E-Commerce and Digital Marketing?

There are two ways of learning e-commerce and digital marketing. If you are consistent and work without a mentor, ask your best friend to teach you about them. The question is who is your best friend? In 21st century, Sheikh Google and Haji YouTube provides you the cure of your maximum illnesses. Ask them, and ask nicely. There are many mentors who are teaching free of cost. You can check Hisham Sarwar, Azad Chaiwala, Rehan Allahwala and Saqib Azhar to facilitate yourself.

If you are not consistent and procrastination is the essential part of your personality then do join some online academy, bootcamp or find a mentor who can’t let you astray. It would be better if you can join on-campus classes. Many academies now teach about creating digital content. You can join anyone which suits you.

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Who can learn it?

Any person with a very basic know how of mobile phone can learn this. Young people, students of 14, 15 are earning money through digital means. Enablers has shared one of its success stories in which a fourteen year old girl is earning 2 lac per month through Amazon. So, anyone of any age can learn about digital marketing and e-commerce.

How to be a Digital Marketer?

There are again two methods to jump in as a digital marketer.

  1. Own your business and market it digitally.
  2. Be a professional digital marketer and market agencies

How to Create an E-commerce store?

There are two ways of creating an e-commerce store. First one is bit local, but completely independent method. Plus, your hard work helps you to touch skies. All you need to have a good quality camera. It could be your phone camera and little photography skills that is it. Assume, you are a running a cloth shop. All you need to do is take eye-catching pictures of your products, make a Facebook page and start uploading those pictures there. Even you can post those pictures in relevant pages and groups and capture your audience from there.

The second way to start your e-commerce store is to purchase a virtual space. Yes, virtual spaces can be purchased. There are thousands of apps out there with whom you can affiliate and sell your products. For instance, Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, Dukan, AliExpress, Shopify, Daraz and the list goes on, but you have to pay a certain amount to these platforms.


You can also earn without having zero stock at your warehouse or without having a shop. Just a quick question, have you purchased anything from Daraz and did not get the same product? Hell, ye, because they are running an e-commerce store the way you could prefer. Do you know about drop-shipping?

Drop-shipping is a type of e-commerce store. In drop-shipping, you are simply connecting buyer and the seller, and taking your commission. You pick products from different warehouses, showcase them in your shop, and set amount of your choice. On each purchase you will get the set amount. For instance; you are selling t-shirts through drop-shipping. On warehouses, one t-shirt costs $20, but in your shop you fix $50 for that shirt in your shop. After shopping, you transfer $20 to warehouse and keep the remaining amount as profit.

How E-commerce and Digital Marketing will boost the economy of Pakistan?

When you start working in virtual space, you are powerful enough to transcend the boundaries of any country. Hence, being a digital marketer, maybe you are advertising about some agency locating in America. Hence, you are bringing money home in dollars which surely boosts Pakistan’s economy. It is fruitful for you as well as for your country.

Concluding, digital marketing and e-commerce is the future of Pakistan’s economy. Being a responsible citizen, it is your duty to provide awareness to youth and motivate them to be a part of pyramid. If you do not accept the new ways, then wait for the day when you will be kicked out like Nokia.

E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

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