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Islamophobia in India encourages violence, subjugates, and intimidates Muslims as a threat to the Muslim community

Islamophobia in India encourages violence

Islamophobia in India is worked as hatred toward the Muslim community and is subjected to them as a threat to the nation. In India, rightfully registered Muslims in India are facing extreme violence, like extremists burning their houses, mosques, and places of work. Kashmiri Muslims are always problematic as they are fighting for their freedom and consider Pakistan their enemy, according to their mindsets.

As we are moving toward the New Year, the incidence of Islamophobia in India is becoming more normalized, which is the main highlight. The growing Islamophobia in India proves how Muslims are becoming a threat to the Country with 80 percent of Hindu citizens living within. Islamophobia in India has become more serious as strong majoritarian Hindus are called “Hindutva” and are in threat of growing Islam in India.

Hindutva is a Hindu leader party that shapes Hindu culture and tradition around the country and protects their Hindu brotherhood from every threat they feel but due to their extreme behavior, they have shown their side against humanity. The creator of this Party was Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in the year of 1925, during the issue raised about the partition of Pakistan and India created his Party for Hindu extremism, RSS is a right-wing Hindi organization that is still in the power due to its ideologies, some claims that RSS ideologies are more based on Nazi Germany ways.

In the year 1992, Hindu leaders of the current party BJP were proving their power by destroying a historical mosque, Babri Masjid, in the most popular state of India, Uttar Pradesh. In the next decade, the World Trade Center attack happened, which caused chaos around the world, and discrimination against Muslims increased. Islamophobia in India increased as well as around the whole world by calling Muslims terrorists, which was indeed the toughest time for Muslims in 2002. Horrific anti-Muslim riots occurred in Gujarat, a state in western India, in 2002, when Modi was serving as chief minister.

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By 2014, the Modi-led BJP and its own cast of extreme politicians had replaced the Hindu nationalists of the 1990s. These politicians had no qualms about openly espousing clear anti-minority views, particularly when it came to Muslims. In a leadership contest characterized Persecuted by pervasive anti-Muslim prejudice in 2019, the Modi-led BJP secured a majority for the second time.

Since India is a “rising power,” a “democracy,” and a “market,” the world at large has mostly kept quiet about the tremendous religious shift taking place in India. Much like the other emerging power, China, India has aimed to stifle the fundamental rights, freedoms, and capacity for dissent of Muslim people. When it comes to Kashmir, the only part of India with a majority of Muslims (previously known as Jammu and Kashmir), India’s republican principles are convincingly called into question.

In early 2020, on January 24th, in Kardampuri, a video circulated in India as a result of Islamophobia in India, shows how injured men lying on the street after being beaten extremely severely by several policemen and being forced to sing the national anthem of India, though they are citizens of India. One of the men among the injured, Faizan, 23 years old, died from his injuries two days later. After all these criminal acts against humanity, the world is still quiet, especially when the matter is about Muslims. After Faizan’s death, the country faced riots by the Muslim community.

Additionally, Islamophobia in India has been reflected in government policies. Despite the dangers to their lives and security, Indian authorities expelled over a hundred Rohingya Muslims to Myanmar in October 2018. After winning a reelection in May 2019, the government removed Jammu and Kashmir, India’s only state with a majority of Muslims, from its based on the constitution’s independence. Anticipating protests, the government also increased the deployment of troops, held thousands of people in custody, and cut off telephone and internet connections.

After so many incidents because of Islamophobia in India, a new group of Muslim activists and journalists are working day and night to record the abuse Muslims are facing in India. Due to their efforts, it has become a mainstream issue in India and for their government.

These reporters and activists are trying to guarantee that the recent demands for the genocidal extermination of Muslims in Haridwar are not tolerated, with the help of the larger Muslim community and several other Indians who favor democracy. Police have indeed launched an inquiry into the event as a result of mounting public pressure.

Muslims in India have frequently experienced persecution and brutality due to Islamophobia in India. Frequently, they are portrayed as “dirty,” “overpopulated,” “ancient,” “treasonous,” “conspiring,” “interlopers,” and “external stakeholders.” Finding proof of this is not difficult. Muslims are said to contaminate the purity of vegetarian Hindus since they often consume meat. Early in Modi’s presidency, the “beef prohibition” was put into effect. Since then, there have been many incidents of violence committed against Muslims who were thought to be in Possession of, consuming, or carrying cattle for slaughtering.

In order to prove their nationalism, Muslims who decline to scream Hindu mantras like “Jai Shri Ram” (Hail to Ram, the Hindu God) are susceptible to assault. A Hindu riot murdered a Muslim guy in Pune on the day after Modi was elected in 2014 due to his skull cap (a Muslim symbol). The Hindutva movements urge Hindu women to produce more children in order to prevent the nation from being taken over by overbreeding Muslims. To prevent Hindu women from marrying Muslims, there are efforts like “Bahu Lao, Beti Bachao” (bring a daughter-in-law, save a daughter) and so many more rules that we cannot imagine.

Islamophobia in India

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