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Israel Is Not Listed On FIA Hospitality Page For The World Cup 2022 Of Football

Israel Is Not Listed On FIA Hospitality

For the first time the competition being held in the Middle East and there’ll be plenty of other firsts. The first World Cup match to played in November and December female referees in the men’s tournament and an ambition to make this the most sustainable Tournament of all time.

Qatar 2022 is also set to be groundbreaking because of this air conditioning the majority of stadiums will be artificially ventilated to keep players and crowds cool.

Palestine is listed as a country on the official website for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 match tickets and hospitality packages. The best practice is to list Palestine as a country instead of Israel. Israelis who want to play matches now have to choose Palestine as their region instead of Israel.

They were offered to select occupied Palestinian territories as their location instead many people on social media praised this move.

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Israeli Media:

On Wednesday, the Israeli media was the first to pick up on the issue because Israel is not even listed in the section for Europe. Removing Israel’s name from the list of World Cup countries is a bold move by Qatar Lebanese football fan Ali Halawi said he was very happy to see an Arab country supporting the Palestinians.

The move triggered a wave of ranger among Israeli settlers after reports confirmed the ignorance of Israel by Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup booking website and replacement with Palestinian territories FIFA website removed the option Israel as one of the countries to select when buying FIFA tickets.

He told Arab News, “Qatar has decided that Israel will not be recognized and will not be given the right to participate in an Arab event, just like when a foreign event is taking place and the organizers decide not to allow participation in what they do not want to participate in.”

Israel is not listed as a FIFA member state and fans are instead directed to choose the occupied Palestinian territories. One is ready fan telling the media this is a disgrace and if Qatar hosts the games it must include all member states and allow fan from all over the world. Of course this is hardly the only controversy surrounding the 2022 world cup tournament.

FIFA is facing major criticism as Qatar prepares the host the 2022 world cup the official hospitality website for soccer fans who want to purchase tickets is taking sides in the land conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians Jerusalem correspondent.

Some praised tweets are there:

Football fans in Arabia have praised this move on social media.

  • Israel from the world Cup page and replace it with the occupied Palestinian territories     Long Live Qatar and long live its Emir #Qatar2022.
  • Qatar removes Israel’s name from FIFA world cup, and replaces it with “Palestinian   territories”.  Thank you Qatar


It’s a good step that someone took stand for Muslim. All Muslim countries must speak out about Muslims problem.

 Although still people are criticizing Qatar step in FIFA world cup. But its need now as a humanity to take any step against cruelty. Other Muslims country should boycott Israel like Qatar do in FIFA World Cup.

Israel Is Not Listed On FIA Hospitality

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Israel Is Not Listed On FIA Hospitality Israel Is Not Listed On FIA Hospitality Israel Is Not Listed On FIA Hospitality Israel Is Not Listed On FIA Hospitality Israel Is Not Listed On FIA Hospitality Israel Is Not Listed On FIA Hospitality Israel Is Not Listed On FIA Hospitality Israel Is Not Listed On FIA Hospitality Israel Is Not Listed On FIA Hospitality

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