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Kaavan is free and shifted to Cambodia

Kaavan is free and shifted to Cambodia

Finally Islamabad’s ‘loneliest elephant’ Kaavan is free and shifted to Cambodia, On 27th November 2020, Singer Cher has tweeted a thankfull message for Prime Minister Imran Khan to shift KAAVAN to Cambodia. Kaavan is the world’s loneliest animal and now he is free.

KAVAAN was only 36 year old and the only Asian Elephant in Pakistan. A Petition of more then 200,000 signatures have been collected to free him.

According to sources the Islamabad High Court had ordered wildlife officials to consult with Sri Lanka government to find a suitable place for KAAVAAN.

The elephant has spent most of his life in Islamabad Zoo since his birth. In 1985 Kaavan was gifted by Government of Sri Lanka to Pakistan for having a good relationship between these two countries.

As a constructive perception that was a good decision made by Islamabad High Court to shift this lonely animal to Cambodia.

Kaavan is free and shifted to Cambodia
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