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Kamli review: One of the best Pakistani Movie

Kamli is the new 2022 drama film directed by Sarmad Khoosat, starring the ensemble cast of Saba Qamar, Sania Saeed, Nimra Bucha, Omair Rana, and newly debutant Hamza Khawaja. The film revolves around the 3 women who are restrained, trapped, and isolated from the desires they long for.

Kamli review

After a long time since the release of the Pakistani film Cake, which was one of the best films, the pandemic plagued the entertainment, the content of Pakistani cinema was in limbo and was on the verge of bankruptcy from Bollywood copies and brainless entertainers. Kamli is the film which can be called the true revival of the industry has the magic of the emotions that can grab you by the arms and never let go, the melancholic tone of Kamli and allegory can be a visual treat.

Does the flick rise to the hype or fall flat? Here is the review of the positive aspects, negative aspects, and verdict. The movie was released on the 3rd of June across Pakistani theaters and has grossed a 5.2 crore mark at the box office making it the 3rd grossing film of 2022 alongside Dum Mastam and Ghabrana Nahi hai.

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Acting: The acting was fantastic in the film, with Saba Qamar who was central to the plot carrying the movie with her charisma and body language, but the newly actor Hamza Khawaja was indeed a surprise not only did he almost outperform everyone but also on his first role he was indeed a natural.

Directing: Sarmad Khoosat is an artist, he knows what works and what isn’t, and he proved himself why the industry needs someone like him. He went all out pouring his resentment, and emotions and bringing the best out of every cast in the movie. It’s fair to say Kamli paid homage to Andrei Tarkovsky, Wong Kar Wai, and Ozu Yashujiro’s filmography as we can see their influence.

Cinematography: It was a treat to see the visual storytelling through symbols and expressions, water land, and fire captured the mood of the film and the sanity of the characters, only the DOP Awais Gohar can accomplish the task, which according to him impossible.


Pacing: The only negative thing about Kamli (which is a nitpick) is that it drags too much, the second half slowed down the pacing which can make the audience quit watching the film as they are engaged. 

Verdict: Say what you want about the Kamli, it is a masterpiece an art if you will which borrows heavily from European art-house and Turkish production making it one of the best-watched experiences which gives the audience a new breath of fresh air from the cheap masala films churning out from the local product.

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