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The first edition of KPL will be played from 1st April to 10th April 2021 in Muzaffarabad Mirpur and Rawalpindi

Kashmir Premier League is a T20 format league having credentials from Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) which is a permanent member of the International Cricket Council (ICC). Government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) and Government of Punjab Pakistan who have ensured their cooperation in this event.

Cricket Stars are all set to shine on the beautiful land of Kashmir this year during the Kashmir Premier League (KPL).

The first event of Kashmir Premier League (KPL) is starting from 1st April till 10th April 2021, in Muzaffarabad, Mirpur and Rawalpindi.

According to the KPL President Arif Malik, there will be a single league tournament in the first edition. Seven matches will be played in Mirpur while Muzaffarabad will host 11 matches including semi-finals and final. There will be six teams in KPL and players will be selected through a draft. Each team will have five local Kashmiri Players who will play with Pakistani International cricket starts.

Kashmir Premier League (KPL) is a mega cricket event representing the marginalized community of our country to the whole world. KPL is designed to make T20 a cricket spectacle organizing the matches in Pakistan’s most beautiful and mesmerizing venues.

Apart from rendering high-quality cricket, KPL endeavors to be a ray of hope for the people of Kashmir. With the current situation in Pakistan, it is imperative for KPL to make its mark, as sports always unites people and brings a positive change in society. The people of Kashmir need high octane entertainment as the Kashmiri cricketers require a platform to showcase their talent, which will lead to emerging talent from the grass root level.

Remember earlier in December 2020 Shehryar Khan Afridi the Chairman of Kashmir Committee  launched the Kashmir Premier League (KPL) as the first premier cricket tournament of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Azad Jammu & Kashmir’s Sardar Masood Khan, welcomed cricket icon Shahid Afridi who is also the brand ambassador for KPL and Azhar  Mahmood, Chief Coach for KPL, President KPL Arif Malik and Shehzad Akhtar Chaudhry KPL CEO, were present in launching ceremony.

Shehryar Khan Afridi stated that Kashmir Premier League (KPL) has been approved by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), federal government and it has the support of the people of Kashmir and Pakistan and Pakistani cricketers have become the identity of our country. He said “KPL would put Kashmir on the World Sports Map. We will raise Kashmir on all worldwide forums. Kashmir Committee would do everything to preserve, protect and promote Kashmiri identity and its culture. ‘K’ word is the buzz word now,”

He further added, “The talent of Kashmiri youth will reach the world through this league. The youth of Kashmir have to show the world how much talent it possessed”. After the launch of the KPL, its second edition would feature women KPL which would provide a chance to the girls of Kashmir to come forward and play cricket, and KPL logo ‘Play with Freedom’ will resonate around the world and Pakistan will keep highlighting Kashmir at forums around the world.

The official logo titled “Khelo Azadi Say” was also unveiled at the opening ceremony.

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