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KPL 2021: Bagh Stallions Vs Kotli lions and Overseas Warriors Vs Muzaffarabad Tigers, who wins and who loses

The matches of KPL 2021 are going on in their own atmosphere and every day a break-even battle is being played. ۔ Bagh Stallions and Muzaffarabad Tigers have won their respective matches against Kotli lions and Overseas Warriors. Two matches were played on Saturday at Muzaffarabad Stadium.

Bagh Stallions Vs Kotli lions

In KPL 2021, First match was played between Bagh Stallions and Kotli lions. Kotli lions won toss and decided to bat first. At the Starting of the bat, openers were not so good as Kamran Akmal lost his wicket at a single while Abdullah Rafay could only manage 7 score. Ahsan Ali was the player from Kotli lions who helped his team to reach 169 by scoring 51 runs with the help of six 4s and one 6, also Saif Badar and Asif Ali could score 39 runs only.

Bagh Stallions chazed this score by Lossing their 5 wickets. Asad shafique scored 43 on 27 balls. Bagh Stallions chased 169 score in the 4th ball of the last over. By winning the match Bagh Stallions got two points. The cricket match of KPL 2021 is breath taking which audience enjoyed a lot.

Overseas Warriors Vs Muzaffarabad Tigers

In the 2nd match of KPL 2021, after winning the toss, overseas elected to bat first and players like Nasir Nawaz, Haider Ali Imad Wasim and Sohail Khan could only reached to double digits as they managed to score 35, 25, 34 and 26 respectively. Overseas Warriors made 153 score with the loss of 8 wickets.

Muzaffarabad Tigers got this Target in the 2nd ball of 17th over on the loss of just 3 wickets.  Malik Nisar, Zeshan Ashraf, Sohail Maqsood, Muhammad Hafeez and Sohail Akhtar scored 15, 18, 52, 10 and 58 respectively. Muzaffarabad Tigers won the match and awarded for 2 points. Usama Mir was the player of the match who gave only 18 runs and got 3 wickets.

Both matches were breath taking for the spectators. KPL 2021 carries on its own scent, and the world’s message is that Kashmir is pleasant for every International sports.

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