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KPL 2021: Matches played so far and best performances in KPL

After the success of the critical acclaimed “Pakistan Super League” or “PSL”, there was a new wave that has to be injected on this increasing popularity of the domestic league. Enter KPL 2021 also known as “Kashmir premier League”, was initiated on December 2020. The first season was initiated on August 6th, 2021, the league comprised of 6 teams which are represented different cities of Azad Kashmir.

The idea of KPL is given by the politician Shehryar Afridi, who originally sought out to give cricket a next level boost. The original idea for this project was to empower people of Kashmir, So, that they could represent the nation professionally. Furthermore, various celebrities are representing the league as an ambassador most notably Shahid Afridi, who is an icon acts as an ambassador. Arif Malik and Shahzad Akhter will be the CEO of the league. While another icon Waseem Akram will act as the Vice president of the newly appointed KPL 2021.

KPL 2021 Teams

There are 6 teams playing for the covenant prize of the league, each team will be representing different cities of Azad Kashmir. In the inaugural edition of the league, world class players from the international teams will be participating in the tournament, while the next season will be focusing on the players from around the globe. The list of teams and players are as follows

Overseas warriorsImad WaseemKashmiri DiasporaMushtaq Ahmed
Rawalakot HawksShahid AfridiRawalakotArshad Khan
Kotli LionsKamran AkmalKotliAbdul Razak
Mirpur RoyalsShoaib MalikMirpurInzamam Ul Haq
Bagh StallionsShadab KhanBagh, Azad KashmirAbdul Rehman
Muzaffarabad tigersMohammad HafeezMuzaffarabadMohtashim Rasheed

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Match result of KPL 2021 so far:

  • On the August 6, 2021 Mirpur Royals defeats Rawalakot Hawks by 43 runs.
  • On the August 7, 2021 Stallions defeats Lions by 5 wickets.
  • Tigers defeats warriors by 7 wickets on the same day.
  • On August 8, 2021 stallions defeats warriors by 15 runs and on the same day the match between lions and hawks is abandoned due to rain.
  • On August 9, 2021 warriors’ defeats Royals by 5 wickets and hawks defeats tigers by 1 wicket.
  • On August 10, 2021 Tigers defeats Lions by 5 wickets and stallions defeats warriors by 5 wickets.

Highest totals:

TeamsScoreOversRun ratevsDate
Stallions211/62010.5Royals8 August
Tigers196/518.310.9Lions10 August
Royals196/8209.8Stallions8 August
Lions195/4209.75Tigers10 August
Hawks194/6209.7Royals6 August
Warriors190/519.29.82Stallions10 August
Stallions186/7209.3Warriors10 August
Hawks175/7208.75Tigers9 August
Tigers174/8208.7Hawks7 August
Stallions172/519.48.7Tigers7 August
Lions169208.4Stallions11 August
Hawks157/5208.56Stallions7 August
Tigers156/3207.8Warriors11 August
Stallions156/9207.5Hawks6 August

The highest match aggregate KPL 2021

The highest rate of the match aggregates team was as follows:

Team 1Team 2RunsWkts

Highest Runs in KPL 2021:

Hawks43 runs195Royals6 August
Stallions15 runs212Royals8 August
Hawks1 run176Tigers9 August

By bowling:

WinnersMarginsBalls remTargetsOversVs.
Tigers7 wickets1615417.2Warriors
Stallions5 wickets217019.4Lions
Royals5 wickets1114618.3Stallions
Tigers5 wickets919618.1Stallions

Most runs in KPL 2021:

Shan Masood (Stallions441897847.2513613602301
Ashraf (Tigers)3316310781.59816611254
Ahmed Shehzad (Hawks)331466348.6693156.9302200
Aamer Yamin (Stallions)44129694368189.901140

KPL 2021 has been a huge success both critically and financially, with over 5 million views within the first day of the launch. It has become one of the most watched live sports program in the country both on traditional channels and digital streaming services.

It exceeded expectations and even caught whooping 15 million views in first 3 days, the journey is currently being held in the famous Muzaffarabad stadium. It has been broadcasted around different channels like PTV sports, Facebook stream, Jazz TV and Jazz cricket just to name a few.

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