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Largest Protest Happening in India

Largest Protest Happening in India by farmers is entering day 15 and the protesters are not ready to budge. The negotiations are bearing no successful results for the farmers and the farmers claim to increase the magnitude of these protests by closing more entry points.

“We will block railway tracks if our demands are not met. We will decide on the date and announce it soon. Centre has admitted that laws have been made for traders. If agriculture is a state subject, the Central govt does not have the right to make laws on it.”

Farmers leader Balbir Singh Rajewal

The protests are against the ‘Three Farm Act’ that was passed on September 27, 2020, by the Indian Parliament. The farmers all over India did not take in a positive light followed by local protests. These futile protests bore no results and turned into countrywide protests by farmers against this ‘cooperate friendly and anti-farmer’ act, as the farmers like to call this.

The government claims that the act will favor the farming sector and economy of India by increasing the role of private buyers without harming farmers’ income. On the contrary, opposition parties are showing their support for these protesters.

Why Protest Happening in India Farmers?

These reforms are a threat to Indian farmers’ by putting them in the circle of the free market. The reforms allow private purchase of farmers’ produce. Currently, the farmers sell their produce at the wholesale market also known as mandis at government-controlled prices. The reform is aiming to reduce the role of farmers in setting the prices and financing deals. Moreover, the practical aspects of the reform are unclear. Therefore, the farmers are showing outrage and protesting against these unfair reforms.

“First, farmers will feel attracted towards these private players, who will offer a better price for the produce. The government mandis will pack up meanwhile and after a few years, these players will start exploiting the farmers. That’s what we fear,”

Multan Singh Rana, a farmer in the northern state of Punjab, told BBC Punjabi.

Largest Protest Happening in India
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