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Leaked videos of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO): Conspiracies vs. Reality

There has been a proverbial question, the curiosity of our existentialism, “are we alone in the universe or how many realities are there”. There have been a multiple sightings of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). Many stories have been heard from the “POV” of people on how people are kidnapped from their houses and being experimented, the pilot while operating the planes from ww2 stories to the normal job; they have also sighted the abnormal aircraft.

There have been apparent leaks about the “UFO” from the pentagon USA. There has been lot of discussions about the conspiracies on how the government is hiding from the nation or from the world as a whole.

The sighting of UFO’s raised a lot of questions that, is it a conspiracy or reality. What is the reality or conspiracy? The US Army or the task forces are looking into the matter for a comprehensive report of congress; the video has been made to educate the military and the intelligence about the nature of US military.

Image Courtesy Global News
Sightings of the UFO

The triangular shaped unidentified object flied over the navy and the military bases. The photo and videos were dispersed among the documentaries and the films, the sightings also took place in several states like New Jersey, Las Vegas etc. The airspace where the pilots spotted the abnormal aircraft which was behaving unusually and on the several radars and satellites also observed the phenomena.

The pentagon has confirmed the statement of this week that the leak videos have been captured by the satellite and the information has been labelled as classified. The term for the UFO has been labelled as the “UAP” or simply known as the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

The government will be taking care of this classified information in hoping to learn more about the extra-terrestrial, in which we are going to find the answer for what we are seeking that “Are we alone in the universe?”

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