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Making the production part of a film easier by using virtual production!

As the world experienced some paradigm shifts, so the industries of all sectors do as well. The industries such as the cinema need to evolve with time, which means the new tools and constant innovation should be used for learning.

What is Virtual Production?

Virtual Production is the process or the method which deals with the variety of software programs meshed with archive footages, live action photos and VFX computer generated graphics. The filmmakers can use this technique to complete the films with ease and precise accuracy with digital and physical environment.

Out with the old guard and enter the new era, visual effects not only take the back seat to any production but are fore front to any production house. So how will it beneficial to the industry? Truth is the most of the modern filmmakers depends on the VFX technique. It depends on team building and brains to work the atmosphere of the green screen and computer, the sync of the technologies combined with live action footage and archives. The films such as Star wars, Blade Runner, Terminator and live animation Lion King used the art of VFX and computer. The limitations and bridges have built unlimited potentials.

Filmmakers need to point out that how to dictate the storytelling through media and visuals, how these characters can become the valuable assets on the screen of the TV or theaters.

virtual production
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How VFX studios feel the need of Virtual Productions?

When people are working behind the screen of any production houses, the cloud data management system is worked between the houses of the studios and let more people to work. It requires the film to be released more effectively and not to be delayed. The other processes involve digital asset management, project management and communications. These process acts as the pillar of the production houses and can contribute the part of the process of the system.

Photoshop, Maya and 3D max also used to build the user graphical interface; they use this interface to compile all the archive live action footages using the “Unreal” or “Maya” engine to make the feature length film. Whatever tools you are using, the software engine must be the primary focus of the foreseeable future productions.


So how is it good? The answer is complicated, the process of VFX and virtual element has closed the bridge to bend the laws of physics and made the stunts safer and less risky. The usage has made the process quicker and easier to use, the science fiction films like Blade Runner and Star Wars are more polished and realistic than ever. The super hero movie genre has benefited more than any other genre which the green screen and visual effect has made the movie experience easier and the de-aging process has never been very easy up till now. Most movies are got benefits by using these production houses. At the same time it is a very slow process, because the homogenization of the blockbusters and the same formula has milked the film genre dry and the attention to the art has been lost because directors and studios are not innovating new formula to hook the customers and film buffs to their content. So is it good? I say it’s complicated but it is the future and I hope it leads to something interesting.

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